Microsoft Natively Integrates LinkedIn Data into Windows 10 Cortana

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According to a recent announcement, Windows 10’s Cortana now taps into LinkedIn in order to make your meetings more personal and you can now access more information about contacts and their photos from LinkedIn.

cortana windows 10 linkedin

Microsoft has started integrating third-party services directly into Cortana. The company has partnered with LinkedIn so that Windows 10 users can now connect the service to Cortana, thus being able to access more information about contacts and their photos from the network.

Connecting both accounts will allow Cortana to use LinkedIn in order to provide you with information about people you’re meeting with for calendar appointments. We’ve seen this kind of functionality being done before in Outlook, but by integrating LinkedIn’s data, Microsoft is once again showing that this is a different company we’re dealing with, one that has no problems opening up to outside services.

cortana windows 10 linkedin integration

The Windows team said the following with regards to this announcement:

As a truly personal digital assistant, Cortana is there to help people get things done, and like a real assistant, works with experts to help you accomplish a wide range of tasks. Today we’re excited to announce that Cortana is ready to make you even more connected and informed by working with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network.

cortana windows 10 linkedin app

LinkedIn officials have added their input, as well:

For those using Windows 10, we’ve teamed up with Microsoft to natively integrate LinkedIn into Cortana, Microsoft’s digital personal assistant. We want to help you stay even more connected and better prepared for your work day.

In order to make use of this new feature, you need to connect your LinkedIn account to the Connected Accounts in Cortana’s Notebook. Thus, the next time you get a reminder from Cortana about an upcoming meeting, you’ll be able to view available LinkedIn information about the people you are about to meet right from the meeting details.

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