FIX: Windows 10 couldn’t be installed

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  • Although it is an excellent OS, Windows 10 is not always easy to install. Different errors may hinder the process.
  • If your PC keeps on telling you that Windows 10 couldn't be installed, here is how to fix it.
  • Learn how to solve Windows 10 failed installation by looking at all our content around this specific topic.
FIX: Windows 10 couldn’t be installed
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Fix – Windows 10 couldn’t be installed system reserved partition

Solution 1 – Change the size of System Reserved Partition

If you have problems installing Windows 10, you might need to increase the size of Reserved Partition. To do that, you can use tools such as Partition Magic. Simply download the tool and create a bootable USB flash drive with the tool on it. Connect the USB flash drive and boot your PC from it.

After booting from the USB flash drive, you need to use Partition Magic to expand your System Reserved partition. Before you can do that, you’ll need to shrink one of your partitions by 350MB.

Now just add that space to the System Reserved partition and Windows 10 should install without any problems. We have to mention that this procedure can be somewhat dangerous and cause data loss, so use extra caution and install a tool that prevents data loss.

Solution 2 – Make sure that your C partition is set as active

According to users, you can fix this problem by settings your C partition as active. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Press Windows Key + X and choose Disk Management.
  2. When Disk Management opens, locate your C partition, right click it and choose Mark Partition as Active.
  3. Close Disk Management and try to install Windows 10 again.

Solution 3 – Use Disk Management and Command Prompt

Users reported We couldn’t update the system reserved partition error message while trying to install Windows 10, and if you’re getting this error you can fix it by following these steps:

  1. Start Disk Management.
  2. You should see a Data partition that has a size of 100 MB.
  3. Right click that partition and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths.
  4. Click the Add button and set Y as the partition letter.
  5. Start Command Prompt as administrator.
  6. When Command Prompt starts, enter the following commands:
    • takeown /f . /r /d y
    • icacls . /grant administrators:F /t
    • attrib -h -s -r bootmgr
  7. Open File Explorer and open Y: drive.
  8. Make sure that hidden files and folders are visible. You can show hidden files and folders by clicking the View tab and checking Hidden items option.
  9. Go to Boot folder and delete all other folders except en-US.
  10. Go back to Command Prompt and run the chkdsk Y: /F /X /sdcleanup /L:5000 command. If you’re getting an error message while trying to run this command, try running chkdsk Y: /F /X /L:5000 command instead.
  11. Now try to install Windows 10 again.
  12. If the installation is successful, go back to the Disk Management and remove the letter of the boot partition.

Fix – Windows 10 couldn’t be installed 80200056, 80072ee2

Solution – Restart BITS

If you’re getting error 80200056, you might want to try restarting BITS service. To do that just start Command Prompt as administrator and enter bitsadmin.exe /reset /allusers. After the command is executed, restart your PC and try to install Windows 10 again.

We covered this error in the past, so if you need more information on how to fix error 80200056, we suggest that you read some of our previous articles.

The same applies to error 80072ee2.

Fix – Windows 10 couldn’t be installed 8007003

Solution 1 – Remove dual boot and merge all partitions

This might not be the best solution because you’ll most likely lose all your important files, therefore we advise you to create a backup and copy all your important files.

Users reported that dual boot with Linux can sometimes cause this error to appear, and in order to fix this problem you need to disable dual boot option and merge all partitions into one. After merging the partitions, you should be able to install Windows 10.

Solution 2 – Check the WIMMount path

Sometimes this error can occur if the WimMount path isn’t properly set in your registry. To fix this problem follow these steps:

  1. Open Registry Editor.
  2. Go to the

    key in the left pane.

  3. In the right pane locate ImagePath entry and check its value. By default it should be set to system32driverswimmount.sys. If it’s set to a different value, be sure to change it to system32driverswimmount.sys.
  4. Close Registry Editor and check if the problem is resolved.

Fix – Windows 10 couldn’t be installed c1900101-40017

Solution – Be sure that your drivers are up to date

If you’re getting this error while trying to download the latest Windows 10 build, we suggest that you try updating your graphics card drivers. Users reported that this error was fixed after installing the latest AMD drivers, so be sure to try that. The same solution applies to Nvidia owners.

Updating drivers manually is very annoying, so we recommend you to download a driver updater tool to do it automatically.

Not being able to install Windows 10 can be a big problem, but we hope that one of our solutions helped you fix this issue.

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