Users’ lack of interest for Windows 10 Creators Update is worrying

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Microsoft recently introduced Windows 10 Creators Update, revealing a 3D-focused Windows 10 OS. The Redmond giant will release this OS version in early 2017, but Insiders will be able to test the upcoming 3D features as soon as the next Windows 10 build is released.

Windows 10 Creators Update allows users to create their own 3D images and share them on Remix 3D. PowerPoint and Paint will metamorphose into PowerPoint 3D and Paint 3D, allowing users to create impressive 3D presentations among other things.

However, it appears that Windows 10 users don’t really share Microsoft’s enthusiasm for 3D. The Redmond giant believes that its upcoming 3D-focused OS will revolutionizes personal computing, while users don’t seem to be that impressed.

Microsoft recently posted a series of interesting threads about the upcoming Windows 10 3D features, yet judging by the number of views and comments, it appears that Windows users aren’t really that interested in 3D. Actually, many of these threads have less than 100 views.

These Windows 3D features aren’t yet available, and this could explain Windows 10 users’ lack of interest for this OS version. Taking into account all the changes that Windows 10 Creators Update is going to bring, we must admit we expected that the majority of Windows 10 users would be interested in learning more about these new 3D features. However, it appears that users aren’t that curious about this update.

Actually, Windows users were more curious about the so-called Redstone 2 update, than they are about the Creators Update. For the time being, we don’t really have a clear explanation for the lack of interest for the upcoming Windows 10 3D features. As stated before, the new 3D features aren’t available yet, but we don’t think this fact alone explains users’ low level of curiosity.

Perhaps Windows 10 users will be interested in learning more about the Creators Update 3D features once they can test some of these improvements. Or is the lack of interest a bad omen for Microsoft?

What do you think about the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update? Are you looking forward to testing this 3D-focused OS version?


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This is an update with great new features? Ok, I’ll believe you. I always wanted a popup notification that keeps re-appearing even though I had everything set to ask first before downloading or installing anything. And I always wanted one of those naggy notices to keep flipping the setting back to “on” every time I turn it back off after the naggy notice happens. And I always wanted that naggy notice to not go away longer than 5 minutes between its re-appearances – it’s my new best friend! Yay I’m fulfilled and no longer lonely – I’ve asked it to marry me due to it keeps coming back to me – it must love me!

And I guess I’ll just toss all my REAL 3d programs out with the trash, since Paint now has sort-of shadows that can look almost 3d just like other programs started doing decades ago – well worth the wait.

And wow, a colour dropper/picker for part of the desktop settings – who knew they could even make such a thing to partially fix the error caused when Microsoft forgot to put even a basic standard colour selector popup into it. Now there’s still no actual normal standard colour selector popup but wheeeeee, it has a dropper in case the colour you want happens to already be nearby somewhere. Sorry about your luck if it’s not though! Who would want any other choices anyways – silly people.

Gosh, I can’t figure out why no one is interested. I mean, Word added pen support! I’m sure that couldn’t have happened without this amazing, huge feature-packed new operating system update. It’s not like anyone uses Windows without Word.

Your site’s other page says: “paving the way for a new era in the industry”. Yeah, I’ll bet. These new features are groundbreaking. Especially the forcing of ads onto your product that’s already been paid for. No one else has ever given me such a nice thing. I was wanting more ads, but I was ashamed to ask. You guys are just the bestest, most innovative, most aware of what the customer wants business EVER!

Oh, and I’m leaving you for Linux as soon as I get to know it a little better. It’s me, baby, not you – how could it be you when you are so perfect and feature-filled and so non-annoying?