Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update will bring plenty of ads

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It is surprising how little buzz Microsoft’s ad efforts are creating seeing as how the company is giving in to its deep need of showering our computer screens with dozens of ads in pretty much every place you would think to look. The Start menu goes without saying, and the lock screen follows suit, with Microsoft’s proprietary browser Microsoft Edge also being overly promoted inside Windows and within itself.

The new tab screen also contains ads. It seems there’s no stopping the Windows developer. Even the Windows Ink Workplace has been assaulted by pesky ads. Microsoft is aware of how users are reacting to their efforts and advocates that it is not placing ads, but promotional apps. It’s one of those “whatever helps you sleep at night” things: What Microsoft is bombarding the Creators Update with are ads, plain and simple.

These are all part of the Creators Update and thanks to the sneak peek we were able to obtain, we know what awaits us in the not so distant future.  Want to know the worst part? It looks like Microsoft will be adding even more ads.  The next victim will be the Share feature, which also received a recent update.

With the release date of the Creators Update nearing, the new face of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system seems to be an ad addicted, pushy platform. It is worth noting that Windows 10 was released for free when it was first made available, further bolstering the conviction that you should be wary of “free” things. Now, it seems Microsoft is trying to exploit the OS’ free-ness and jam as many ads it can into Windows 10.


Source: BetaNews.


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