Windows 10 Creators Update will exclude the Apps Corner feature

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Windows 10 Mobile has a useful feature called Apps Corner that allows you to customize your start screen and app functionality when you let others use your phone. While it’s a useful feature, Microsoft has decided to exclude Apps Corner from the Creators Update due to launch in April.

According to the latest Windows 10 build 15014, Microsoft is ditching the feature because of decreased usage. The feature will no longer be available starting with build 15007 and later.

While Apps Corner was far from perfect, it helped users to choose which button should work when someone else was using their phone or lock down their device to secure data. In other words, the feature aimed to uphold user privacy. Unfortunately, it existed as a sub-menu, which may have been less discoverable for many users, thus the low usage.

It’s unclear whether Microsoft is planning to release a replacement in future builds for the multi-account feature. Microsoft’s mobile strategy is a frequent subject of criticism for lack of a clear direction. In 2016, the company decided to remove the Kids Corner feature from the Windows Phone ecosystem due to decreased usage. Consumers used to feature to let their kids use their phones while protecting their data. Following that move, Microsoft offered Apps Corner as an alternative. Here’s what the company said last year:

“After taking a look at the overall usage of the Kids Corner feature in Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1, we have decided to remove this feature from Windows 10 Mobile beginning with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The usage of Kids Corner was too low to justify continued development and support of the feature. While not a replacement with the same functionality, you can try out Apps Corner under Settings > Accounts > Apps Corner which has some of the functionality as Kids Corner such as the ability to give people access to selected apps on your phone as well as a customized Start screen when they use your phone.”

Given the recent trend in the Windows 10 Mobile ecosystem, Microsoft is unlikely to roll out a new feature to replace Apps Corner. Did Microsoft’s decision to ax the feature surprise you? Let us know in the comments.

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