All the features you’ll find in Windows 10 Creators Update Build 14997

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Despite confirming a lack of Insider preview updates until 2017, Windows 10 build 14997 was just leaked online. The update releases were on a hiatus due to the holiday season and, as Dona Sarkar revealed a couple of weeks ago, an unexpected glitch made matters worse and prevented the company from releasing new Fast Ring builds.

The Fast Ring builds were to be released officially after New Year but if you are anxious to find out what Microsoft has in store for Windows 10 users, here’s the deal: The carte du jour of Windows 10 Creators Update has an updated version of Microsoft Edge, an improved OOBE and important tweaks to the Start menu.

As tantalizing as this little glimpse into the build 14997 might be, it is best not to get too carried away as there still lies a huge possibility the build might never see the light of day.

Coming back to the leak, Windows 10 build 14997 is an internal release of the rs_onecoe_base development branch. Several tweaks are incorporated into the build including:

  • A new ‘Set these tabs aside’ option in Microsoft Edge, that functions almost like Pinned Tabs in Chrome.
  • The tab bar has been tweaked to incorporate previews of open tabs for easier navigation.
  • The Settings app gets reorganized and adds new options.
  • A Blue Light Filter feature that has similar functionality to the f.lux app. It will make using your PC easier during the night. The mechanism is a complex one. It uses color temperature adjustments and blue shade to increase color warmth. It matches with the light that you typically see during the day. The smart feature is designed to save you the hassle of touching your monitor everytime you want to adjust the display settings.
  • The Start menu is now capable of grouping Live Tiles together which optimizes space. Then there is a – currently immobile – coffee cup icon to the upper right of the menu.
  • Cortana has been given a new keyboard shortcut (Win + C).

Do keep in mind that there’s a reason it wasn’t offered to Insiders and it could cause your system to be unstable. But if the features have whetted your appetite, you can either wait for the official release or head over to BetaArchive where you can find the information you need to download the leaked version.

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