Cortana to sync with Universal Clipboard in Windows 10 Creators Update

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Digital voice assistants are becoming more and more popular these days, with every major company releasing their own versions. While Apple’s voice assistant Siri made some waves with its release years ago followed by some brief attempts by Google to level the market, the phenomenon faded out. Only recently has the technology resurfaced with refreshed vitality, even though Microsoft has been constantly pushing Cortana into the mainstream with minimum success.

The release of Amazon’s smart speaker featuring digital assistance or the newest Google Assistant feature on Pixel phones have reignited the spark of voice-controlled AI assistants and now, it looks like Microsoft is looking to improve Cortana even further with new cool features coming soon.

Ever wanted to paste something and realized that you copied it on another device? Well, once Microsoft releases the Universal Clipboard, users will be able to ask Cortana to sync clipboard contents across several devices. This new feature is one of the highlights of the new Cortana additions, and it sure sounds interesting. The settings for Cortana reveal options for both receiving a confirmation as well as a preview for when you are about to sync clipboard content.

Another sync option lets you sync your smartphone and your computer in any direction you choose. This can come in handy in a lot of situations and getting Cortana in on the action only makes it that much better. Last but not least, we have another feature that lets you use Cortana to connect your phone with your PC. With this new feature, you will be able to unlock the latter using the former.

All in all, these new Cortana features look interesting and will prove to be very useful not only in specific situations but also in day to day use.



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