Windows 10 Creators Update bricks DTS Connect

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Everyone that keeps an eye on Microsoft’s moves knows the company has been planning the release of an update that will completely change the face of its latest operating system, Windows 10. And because of this, the Creators Update has quickly become one of the most anticipated pieces of software ever put out by Microsoft.

That happened some time ago, however. Since then, Microsoft has spent time developing the Creators Update, with numerous Windows Insider builds hitting the Fast and Slow Rings for eager consumers who couldn’t wait until the full release.

Now that the testing is finally over, users are excited to welcome the Creators Update onto their systems. However, as was expected, not everything is pink clouds and rainbows when dealing with software and software releases. Some problems have already emerged regarding the Creators Update:


I recently updated to version 1703. DTS Connect not working anymore. Realtek HD Audio (ALC1150). I already tried to reinstall the realtek driver.

Please fix it ASAP

User lash78 on Microsoft’s platform made an inquiry about an already discovered problem with the new Creators Update. According to them, the update caused DTS Connect to stop functioning, which led to a problem which was hard to ignore. They also mention their driver specifications, hoping that it might be of some help.

Home Theater setup

There were multiple suggestions in the chat as a reply to this user’s inquiry, but none seemed to work. The user returned to state that the problem had been finally solved by getting a new receiver for their Home Theater setup. The new receiver allows them to send PCM audio through HDMI over 8 channels, uncompressed.

Fixed… I bought a new 7.1 Home Theater Receiver 😀 Now, i can send 8 channel uncompressed PCM audio over HDMI.

It would seem that the first hiccup of the Creators Update has been somewhat managed, although an official response or solution hasn’t been provided yet.


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It is the second time Microsoft has done this, the first was in Beta, and took them 6 – 12 months to fix the issue, after public release. Could be wrong but I dont expect there`ll fix this anytime soon.

As of right now DTS is disabled via optical cable as a efault and no way to enable it within windows. you get a format not supported error within sound properties, and within realtek you just cant click it, with a msg saying only works with quad speakers and above. So due to this all none uwp games and none MS apps arent able to decode as it thinks you are using stereo. however, and you can test this your self. go to dolby page and use the test with say firefox and it will not decode. but as Edge is dolby compatable it works fine. so DTS working fine for MS applications and games run via UWP. but isnt selectable outside of it as of this moment. When using optical you are unable to configure speakers speakers like you sould do so via analog. I believe adding this option if possible would resolve the issue. but what tdo i know..

This is just my input, been fighting DTS problems since spetembers update, this is a new one within creators that for me, theres no workaround