Windows 10 Creators Update declares war on Facebook

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How many friends do you have on Facebook? Do you really keep in touch with all of them? Most likely, the answer is “No”. Actually, we interact with a limited number of people, and these persons represent our inner circle of friends.

Microsoft realized this and decided to make it easier for you to interact in priority with the most important people in your life. At today’s Windows 10 Event, Microsoft revealed a very interesting feature in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update: the possibility to prioritize connection with the people who are important to you.

Often, your closest friends’ voice is lost in the community noise. As a result, in the overload of communication, you miss information from the people who are closest to you. Windows 10 Creators Update will allow you to better focus on the interaction with your inner circle of friends.

The OS lets you bring multiple communication tools together and filter information by users. In other words, the Skype, mail, Xbox interactions you have with your closest friends are now available in a single window. This is what the new MyPeople feature looks like:

windows 10 creators update MyPeople

Windows 10 Creators Update also brings 3D emojis to desktop, allowing to interact with your friends in a more funny manner.

By implementing this change in the upcoming OS version, Microsoft somehow declares war on Facebook. For many Facebook users, one of their main goals is to add as many friends as possible on their list. Now, the Redmond giant is going against the tide and helps its users focus on the interaction with the people who really matter in their lives. Some may even say that Microsoft is taking a minimalist approach to user interaction.

What do you think about the new Windows 10 Creators Update MyPeople feature? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.



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