Microsoft introduces new payment options with Windows 10 Creators Update

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With the Windows 10 Creators update just around the corner, Microsoft continues to pack more features in their new and improved flagship browser. This time, the company has introduced a new Payment Request API for their Edge browser. This feature will allow users to make and receive payments in an intuitive and easy manner.

The Payment Request API preview was released a couple of days ago. The preview version of the API will enable developers to integrate the service into their platforms for an seamless payment experience. The stable builds of Windows 10 will be rolled out with support for tthe feature in early 2017. The Payment Request API will be accessible on both Windows 10 desktop and mobile using Edge HTML5.

With this venture, Microsoft is aiming to make checkouts easier and more reliable for its users with the use of Microsoft Wallet. That rules out the need for shoppers to move to a third-party payment system. Another reason for this initiative is to better affect checkout conversion rates. The current figures are 54%, which is barely acceptable; the complexities online shoppers face during the payment process has contributed greatly to these shopper exasperation and abandoned carts.

“With the Payment Request API, payment information is provided by the wallet (once the user has granted consent), as opposed to being collected via a checkout form in the website. The browser mediates all the information passed between the wallet and the merchant.”

For users wondering about the reliability of the method, you will be pleased to know that Google added support for the same API to Chrome just recently. Moreover, Microsoft designed the Payment Request API for Edge with several members of the W3C Web Payments Working Group.

If you want to learn more about this new payment system, you can visit the Developers Guide on the Payment Request API. This can give you a nice kickstart if you want to develop payment solutions for your website.

Microsoft will be introducing support for end-to-end Payment Request API for Edge in Insider preview build 14986. If you come across any issues, reach out to the Microsoft Edge team on Twitter. In case you encounter any bugs, file a report on

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