Microsoft brings Creators Update to Windows 10 users on April 11

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Microsoft has sent a lot of updates to its users since the launch of Windows 10. The latest project prepared by the Windows creator has been anticipated and the subject of extensive builds up for quite a few months. That being said, there was no confirmed release date although Microsoft gradually unveiled details about the launch.

Now, it is official: The new update which goes by the name Creators Update will become available starting with the 11th of March. While it was previously known that the Creators Update would make its debut in April, it wasn’t until now that it was made public that March 11 is the faithful date.

The Surface lineup is also involved

Microsoft is marking the occasion by throwing in some goodies from its Surface lineup of hybrid devices. The company also announced the lists of countries in which the new Surface Book and the Surface Studio will be launched soon, as well as the dates on which that is going to happen. As for the thrown in goodies, Microsoft also announced that it would be adding the new Creators Update to the Surface Hub users.

So what’s new in the Creators Update?

The list of things that are new to the Creators Update is very, very extensive. It is considered one of the biggest patches ever released by Microsoft. If not the biggest, it surely is the biggest that the company has put out in quite some time. There are many features and capabilities added to the Creators Update which promise to put a completely new spin on Microsoft’s operating system.

The implemented changed vary and range across all sections of the operating system meaning that quite a lot of digging and exploration would be required to find everything new.

Fortunately, there are patch notes as well as Windows 10 Insider Preview builds which have gradually introduced the community to most of the update’s features rather than exposing them to everything at once. The categories in which the new features fall are the likes of 3D content manipulation and management, gaming, browser features, virtual reality, privacy and security and many others which together form one of the most anticipated released from Microsoft in a long time.



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