The first teasers for the Windows 10 Creators Update are coming in

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The Creators Update is one of Microsoft’s biggest projects after previously announced that Windows 10 would be the last operating system release. Instead, the company announced it would be focusing on updating and improving this one version of Windows rather than release a potential Windows 11 in the future.

That being said, it has been months since the first glimpses of the Creators Update hit the Insider program. Now the update is nearing its completion and Microsoft is preparing to launch it to the live platform.

New messages are prompted to Windows 10 users

In preparation of the Creators Update download which will come along a bit later, Microsoft is promoting its many features to current Windows 10 users with a message inviting then to the Creators Update. Users that click the link will be taken to a page where they can enroll in the Insiders program.

Windows Insiders can test the OS

The Insiders program is Microsoft’s program of testing new features ahead of their release. Users can look at it as a beta platform that makes sure everything is alright before being sent out to users. It seems that the way to get a shot at being one of the first people to try out the Creators Update is by actually being a member of the Insiders program. This will guarantee users a spot in the first row when the patch finally comes out.

Thank you for your interest in being one of the first to experience the Windows 10 Creators Update! We’re finalizing the update and will be ready to share it with you soon. When the update is ready for your device, you’ll receive a notification asking you to review your privacy settings before downloading the update.

Want to get an early look at upcoming Windows innovations? Become a Windows Insider. With the Windows Insider Program, you get to try out previews, provide feedback, and help shape the future of Windows.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft is offering the update message to users that are utilizing the Anniversary Edition of Windows 10. It is unknown if the message also appears in the basic Windows 10 version but considering that Microsoft has seized support for it, it is unlikely. Microsoft also made a statement regarding the impending arrival of the Creators Update and the excitement displayed by fans and consumers that just can’t wait to try it out.



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