Windows 10 Creators Update to improve the Wi-Fi features

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Microsoft has already shown us quite a comprehensive preview of what is to come with the upcoming Creators Update for Windows 10 due to launch in April 2017. As if all of what was previewed isn’t enough, a new feature that’s coming with the Creators Update surfaced during Microsoft’s WinHEC event in China.

According to a slide presentation during the event, the software giant will add support for the 802.11ad protocol, also known as WiGig, to the Creators Update. WiGig uses a massive 60GHz frequency to allow for speeds of up to 8Gbps through a wireless network. However, the new technology won’t be easy to adopt as it requires that you upgrade all your hardware. That means WiGig calls for a new network card, a new router, and new PC that’s compatible with the technology.

Microsoft revealed the Creators Update feature as part of the Wireless Docking technologies. The goal is to make sure all Windows devices – whether a PC, smartphone or tablet – can wirelessly connect to these universal docking stations. It’s worth pointing out, however, that this won’t improve your current internet speeds but only local network speeds.

The wireless docking system will work on 802.11ac or 802.11ad with a WDI driver and enable a common Windows user experience. Although wireless charging options are still lagging at present, Microsoft vows that Windows will be ready once the new wireless docking technologies become widespread.

Major chipmakers Intel and Qualcomm are working with Microsoft to develop 802.11ad-based docking designs. Microsoft pointed out that existing software designs are not interoperable while the upcoming feature will allow for interoperable wireless docking ecosystems.



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