Windows 10 will get more cross-device features this year

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Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore and Shilpa Ranganathan recently discussed about the tech giant’s cross-device efforts for Windows 10 and the future of the OS. Belfiore has been working for a long time on Windows and Ranganathan is responsible for cross-device efforts and the Microsoft Launcher.

Microsoft’s new Your Phone app will be the star

Even if the app is not ready for Windows 10 users to give it a try, this will definitely be the main way of connecting your phone to your PC. Until now, Microsoft has been using Cortana for linking SMS and notification to PCs, and after the app is ready it is set to become the primary way of connecting phones to PCs running Windows 10.

According to Ranaganathan, Microsoft’s vision is to bring iMessage to Windows inside the Your Phone app. The work with Apple hasn’t started yet, and Microsoft hasn’t even approached the company to see if it would be willing to team up and work together.

Redmond is also looking for other clever features for the application such as providing directions based on text message information or surfacing contact data via the app. Microsoft’s primary target is to make Your Phone app a really robust part of the whole Windows 10 experience.

Microsoft is focusing on business customers

Last year, the company promised lots of features for Windows 10, and some of them were delayed so this year it seems that Microsoft is not making the same mistake again. As a result, we don’t know for sure what exact features will come with the next Windows 10 update and Belfiore stated that Microsoft would avoid committing to dates for some of the more significant features.

It looks like even the tabbed feature (Sets) and the Your Phone app might not make it in the next release. Some Fluent Design UI changes will be included, and that’s about all that is certain by now.

But one thing is sure: Microsoft wants to support people get more meaningful work done, and the Windows PC plays a considerable role in this process.


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