This new design concept for the PC and mobile versions of Windows 10 design is amazing

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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A German designer named Nadir Aslam has created some amazing concept designs that marka possible evolution of Microsoft’s Windows 10 running on both PC and mobile.

Influences from Project NEON

His designs have obviously been influenced by Microsoft’s Project NEON and the design elements that have already begun to appear on the Windows 10. He also made sure to implement more transparency and user interface enhanced functionality.

Designers are currently using all the available information in order to create their own concepts imagining what the desktop could look like after the whole makeover.

Redstone 3 Project Neon

For those living under a rock, Project Neon is the long-awaited set of enhancements and improvements for the Windows 10 UI that Microsoft is expected to introduce in the Redstone 3 update.

Microsoft should have a good look at all the concepts currently being created by designers as they perfectly showcase the many possible ways users would want the operating system to look. Nobody expects the software giant to make the most dramatic makeover, however, but it could definitely insist on making Windows more and more productive.

Restone 3 was initially planned to be released in the fall. If this happens, it might bring along some surprises if we also take into consideration the fact that Project NEON is on the company’s agenda and it’s expected to evolve much more in the following months.


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