Windows 10 eSIM support enables you to purchase a data plan without a physical SIM

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Some might remember the announcement back in December stating that users would be getting eSIM technology thrown into the newest laptops and tablets coming out. Now, it looks like users might finally get to see that promise come true.

First eSIM solution comes from France

From the beginning, it wasn’t known how long it would take to see the first iteration of this technology, but the answer seems to be until right now: the new eSIM technology comes from a French manufacturer called Oberthur Technologies providing a simple, effective solution that will generate many new possibilities for the industry as a whole.

So what is eSIM, exactly?

eSIM is a technology that refers to embedding a SIM right inside the device, meaning that there is no further need of a SIM tray or a physical SIM card for that matter. This will allow them to seamlessly switch between carriers and providers so that what used to feel like a very dragged out process can take place in minutes.

Also, eSIM technology will also allow laptop and tablet owners to have constant access to an internet connection without having to worry about other details such as the mobile carrier.

Microsoft gives the thumbs up

Microsoft has shown its appreciation towards Oberthur Technologies, making it clear that it has nothing but praise for the French company. The new eSIM chip is called DakOTa 4.0, and so far it hasn’t been confirmed when users will be able to actually see a Microsoft-powered device using this new technology.

The implementation of eSIM into modern laptops could take just a bit longer but will come out sooner than most people think. The constant need for portability and mobile solutions is driving manufacturers and users alike into a constant mobile-oriented tech direction of evolution.



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