Microsoft will roll out Windows 10 Preview Builds even after the Anniversary Update is released

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Microsoft has finally announced that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update will be released on August 2, 2016. However, since then, some Windows Insiders have asked what will happen to the deployment of preview builds after the big update for Windows 10 is released.

According to reports, Microsoft will continue releasing preview builds just like before. In other words, once the Anniversary Update is released, we will still see preview builds being released for future Windows 10 updates.

Dona Sarkar, Windows Insider chief, confirmed this on Twitter when she replied to a question from one of the testers. Sarkar said that the team would keep releasing Windows 10 builds even after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update as this system seemed to go very well.

As for now, final bug fixes for the Anniversary Update are taking place to ensure as smooth a release as possible. It is good to know that the development of any big new features were frozen a while ago to be released with the next major “Redstone” update sometime in early 2017.

The Anniversary Update for Windows 10 will enhance the security of the operating system and improve integration between the computer and Xbox One console. In addition, the new major update will also come with improvements to the Microsoft Edge browser and Cortana and it will fix a lot of bugs.

What are your thoughts about the upcoming major update that will be released for Windows 10 next month?



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