Microsoft expands the Windows 10 v1809 force update campaign

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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windows 10 v1809 forced update

Back in December 2019, Microsoft started a campaign that promotes the idea of users that have windows 10 version 1809 to upgrade to 1909.

This wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft released automatic updates for the Windows 10 OS.

Plenty of users will no doubt remember the Windows 10 October 2018 Update fiasco. That update was filled with bugs, and some users even lost files after upgrading to 1809.

Consequently, Microsoft had to temporarily halt the update and rerelease it in November 2018. 

The only difference this time is that the update process will be starting sooner than expected. Last time they waited until the end of support for that version. In the case at hand, that would be May 12 2020.

Microsoft stated that:

We are starting the next phase in our controlled approach to automatically initiate a feature update for an increased number of devices running the October 2018 Update (Windows 10, version 1809) Home and Pro editions,

You can postpone the update, up to a point

This decision comes as a follow-up to the changes implemented by Microsoft in terms of how it now handles the update process.

Back in May 2019, Microsoft adopted the Download and Install Now approach, where a user could postpone their Windows updates indefinitely, or at least until the end of support for that particular version.

Once end support would hit, Windows would automatically update, whether you liked it or not.

This change replaces another feature called Active hours that prevented automatic rebooting of the computer for a given timeframe. However,Download and Install Now proved to be a better alternative.

Microsoft’s statement came as a relief to most Windows users.

Download and install now option provides users a separate control to initiate the installation of a feature update on eligible devices with no known key blocking compatibility issues. Users can still “Check for updates” to get monthly quality and security updates. Windows will automatically initiate a new feature update if the version of Windows 10 is nearing the end of support. We may notify you when a feature update is available and ready for your machine. All Windows 10 devices with a supported version will continue to automatically receive the monthly updates.

By doing this,  Microsoft wanted to avoid OS fragmentation across the market. It is bad enough that they need to deal with users still using Windows XP, but dealing with multiple outdated versions of Windows 10 would be a nightmare.

All things considered, if you still have the October 2018 version of Windows 10, know that you will be forced to upgrade to the November 2019 update by May 12.

What’s your take on this latest change for Windows users? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and we’ll discuss it further.

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