The new Facebook, Messenger and Instagram apps for Windows 10 load faster and bring up-to-date features

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If you have used Facebook, Messenger or Instagram lately, you may have noticed something different about these apps. This is because the three apps  have been optimized for Windows 10, more specifically Facebook and Messenger for Windows 10 desktop and Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile.

Windows 10 Facebook

Windows 10 Facebook live tile
With the new Windows 10 Facebook app you can quickly access your favorite features. Facebook is now located closer to the Start Menu, and loads your News Feed faster than before. Desktop notifications allow you to stay up-to-date with Facebook. You can also pin a new Facebook Live Tile to the taskbar and gain rapid access to the latest updates from your friends, family and Pages you follow.

Sharing photos has never been easier, simply go to the File Explorer and share your favorite photos with your Facebook friends. Other features include: the reaction emoticons, stickers in comments, a right-hand column showing birthdays, event reminders and trending topics, in-app browser to make it easier for users to read and share articles from the News Feed.

Windows 10 Messenger

Windows 10 Messenger All of your favorite Messenger features such as stickers, group conversations and GIFs are here alongside native desktop notifications. The Messenger Live Tile allows you to see if you have messages waiting for you.

Windows 10 Mobile Instagram

Windows 10 Instagram
The core features of the app are present in this version while the Live Tiles bring the updates to your home screen. Instagram is faster than ever because you now have to wait only a few seconds until the gallery opens.

These app versions will definitely improve the user experience but we cannot refrain from noticing that Facebook should have rolled out the Messenger app for Windows 10 Mobile first. However, Facebook promises that Messenger on Windows 10 Mobile will be available later this year:

Later this year we’re excited to roll out the Windows 10 Phone Facebook and Messenger apps.



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