Windows 10 v1709: Here’s what users say three months after release

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Microsoft rolled out the fourth major update for Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update OS three months ago. This new OS version added a bevy of new features and improvements to the table. Edge now has better PDF and EPUB support, Windows automatically throttles inactive programs, battery life has been significantly improved, the OS is a lot snappier, and more.

Millions of Windows 10 users already installed the Fall Creators Update on their devices. As a matter of fact, the latest AdDuplex report confirm that the OS runs on nearly 75% of Windows 10 computers.

However, not all is perfect, as there are many issues affecting the OS even a few months after the initial release.

This article is a roundup of the most common issues that are still bothering Windows 10 Fall Creators Update users.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update bugs

1. Graphics issues on multi-monitor systems

Graphics issues on dual-monitor systems are very common among Windows 10 v1709 users. They may manifest in different ways: the second monitor becomes pixelated, flickers, or won’t turn on.

Every time I turn on the computer after the 1709 update my second monitor would go to sleep with an indication that no signal was being received from the computer.

2. Game issues (FPS rate is unstable)

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, the Windows 10 FCU gaming experience is far from perfect. Many users still encounter FPS drops on a regular basis.

Since FCU im pretty much unable to play games in Fullscreen-Borderless with VSync ON because games like World of Warcraft randomly locks at 30FPS and then randomly goes up to 60 again. Also noticing that games run worse in Windowed Borderless overall since FCU. Tried different drivers and even a clean Win install and its still happening. Is this going to be fixed?

The good news is random FPS drops are not present in the latest Insider builds. If Microsoft doesn’t roll out a hotfix to patch this problem any time soon, users will have to wait for the next stable build (Redstone 4) to enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

3. Frequent BSoD

It appears that Blue Screen of Death errors are more frequent on Windows 10 version 1709 than on the Creators Update.

we’re seeing more blue screens than usual, but overall it’s working. The bluescreens are mostly kernel related and the bugchecks seem fairly generic. We normally handle about 1 or 2 a month, but I’m seen 1 or 2 a week since we started.

If you’re getting BSOD errors on Windows 10, the troubleshooting guides available below may help you:

4. Edge is slow

Microsoft added a long list of new features and improvements to Edge, but this doesn’t mean that the browser is now bug-free.

There are various issues that affect Microsoft’s favorite browser, including: page rendering issues, file download problems, disappearing Favorites bar, random crashes and freezes and more.

Microsoft Edge Crashes.  I can start the program, but it crashes and closes after a minute.  It will not open a page and the browsing history is clear.  Also, it does not show as an app in Programs and Features.  Suggestions?

You can use the following guides to troubleshoot Edge issues:

5. Computer randomly shuts down

If your computer randomly shuts down or enters hibernation mode by itself, you’re not the only one. It appears this issue is quite common among users.

Now my laptop every time I turn it on just shuts down or tries to go into hibernate mode when I turn it on again but then does boot up.  Frustrating.

As you can see, there are still quite a lot of bugs affecting Windows 10 v1709 three months after release. Microsoft pushed many cumulative updates starting from October but there is still a lot of work to do in order to eliminate these problems

If you’re still experiencing any of the following issues, check out WindowsReport’s fix articles below:

How has your Windows 10 Fall Creators Update experience been so far?