Windows 10 Threshold 2 Version 1511 Problems Appear: Failed Installs & More

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The first major update to Windows 10 since its release is finally here, and there are already plenty of problems being reported by users. As always, we’re here to report on these various issues and to offer a space for all those affected.

As you know, the Fall Update brings Windows 10 to version 1511, build 10586, so if you have that installed, then it means you’re running the latest and greatest. Do have a look at a very brief FAQ for some major questions you might be having on this.

Windows 10 version 1511 bugs and problems

As always, be aware that this is still a work on progress, so if you know of any particular bugs and other problems related to this version, then go ahead and leave your comment in the section at the end. We will do our best to update as frequently as possible, but your help is appreciated, as well. So, here’s what’s we’ve been able to find so far:

  • After installing Windows 10 1511 update all my desktop icons flash about once a second. Deleting all the iconcache_*.db files did not fix it.
  • Why does Windows take such a long time to load the Device and Printers window? What is the OS doing that requires so much time?
  • Can’t install MS SQL Server 2012 express in Windows 10
  • KB3105213 and windows 10 version 1511 fails to install
  • Win10 is not detecting the display properly, and is showing the “Monitors” in Device Manager as the “Generic PnP Monitor, and not as a 1280 x 800 ( WXGA ) display. I’ve tried to Uninstall the device in hopes that Win10 will detect the proper display, with no joy. Since the Monitor (remember: “Monitor”, not “Display Adapter”, which Win10 correctly identified as an ATi Radeon HD 3200) is using the in-built Win10 Drivers, it re-installs as the Generic and not the actual display, and of course “Update Drivers” would be and has been proven to be a non-solution, because all that Windows Update will search for is the Generic display.

  • Hi after checking for updates there were numerous available. However the above will not update. Keep getting the message to restart.Have done a restart several time but the upgrade will not install. This also happens on my laptop which has Win 10 Home 64bit.

  • Windows 10 Fall update fails to install
  • New Surface Pro 4 stuck at 11%
  • Cannot install Windows 10 Home Threshold 2 Build 10586
  • Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x8024200D: Upgrade to Windows 10 Home, version 1511, 10586
  • 1511 not recognizing external monitors connected to the Surface Pro 3 dock
  • Windows 10 Version 1511 Build 10586.3 caused System Audio to fail
  • Cannot connect to Homegroup after update to Windows 10 Version 1511
  • Dism and sfc scannow problems after update to Windows 10 x64 1511
  • I installed Windows 10 version 1511 update and where is it? When I went to the command prompt, it still says “Version 10.0.10240”
  • Upgraded to Windows 10 and can no longer mirror my screen to my Roku 3
  • 1511 Update break bitlocker hardware encryption
  • after updating to Windows 10 1511, when ever I boot up my surface pro 4, the airplane mode is always on. Also, the on/off button for locking the screen rotation is greyed out and can’t click it. Additionally, the antivirus software called Roboscan seems to be installed but when I try to open it, it gives of error and instead opens utorrent with this kind of message: “Can’t find ‘Roboscan.rse’ B encoding for torrent is wrong” Also the pro 4 regulary gives out loud fan noises after this update.

  • Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x8024200D: Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586
  • AMD quick stream error after installing windows 10 update 1511
  • I installed the Windows 10 Pro November Update (ver 1511) on my Surface Pro 3 (i7,256) and now my Lumia 925 is not recognised as a phone device when I attach it via USB

  • 0x800705b4 error on windows update
  • My tablet automatically tried to install the 1511 Windows 10 upgrade 10586 but got stuck at 40% for several hours
  • Windows 10 Pro 1511 failed but does not show as failed in history and windows update now says the computer is up to date

  • Windows Defender will not turn on after Windows 10 version 1511 update
  • Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x8024200D: Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586
  • You cannot restore power plan to defaults, like say you change close lid to do nothing instead of sleep or raise the brightness, there is no restore to default option

  • Right-click menu background colors are different
  • I recently got Windows 10 Update 1, or 1511, installed and up and going on an older Surface2. I then joined it to the domain and then went to Enroll in Device Management only to get and error, “system policies prevent you from connecting to a work or school account.”

  • Network icon disappeared from taskbar after Windows 10 Update 1511
  • Cannot connect to CIFS / SMB / Samba Network Shares & Shared Folders in Windows 10 after 1151/10586 update
  • Surface 3 users report issues with the Task Scheduler and the Alarm Clock app
  • HP Spectre X360 cant update to Windows 10 PRO
  • Have Installed the 1511 update to my windows 10 Education version. After the update I am not able to connect to the internet. I get 2 kinds of Microsoft C++ runtime error – 1) system32/networkuxbroker.exe runtime error; 2) system32/loginux.exe error. Both the files do exist in the system32 directory.

  • My fingerprint reader on Dell Venue 11 stop working after upgrading to Windows 10 build 1511
  • Desktop Icon Positions Not Saving after connecting to TV with hdmi cable
  • Network icon disappeared from Taskbar after Windows Update 1511 10586
  • Windows 10 v 1511 very slow login
  • Upgrading a tiny PC to Windows 10 v 1511 brings many problems
  • Windows 10 1511 big problems with Universal apps
  • Windows 10 v 1511 is believed to have breaking Hyper-V
  • Windows 10 v 1511 very slow login
  • Before this update my computer booted up fast with my ssd now it takes really long to boot up and get past the login screen
  • After update of november 13, my RAID controller failed to see the hard drive. During boot the RAID controller reports status “failed”
  • Windows 10 Update Goes to Black Screen, NVIDIA drivers, Dell Inspiron 7537
  • So today the big Fall update came out and I wanted to install it so after over 2 hours of my slow internet downloading everything I need and installing it I was given a message that I need to restart my PC to finish everything up. So I did and while restarting it put me into “Updating Windows” screen where at around 18% my PC restarted and gave me the message “Rolling back to your previous version of Windows…” after I got back into my Windows Update I was given a message “Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586 – Error 0xc1900107”.

One of our readers has reported that since updating to the 1511 version of Windows 10, his 8GadgetPack which brings Windows 7 hadgets back to Windows 10, has stopped working, as well.

Potential fixes for Windows 10 Version 1511 problems

Some users suggest that if the Windows 10 Update version 1511 doesn’t install on your Surface 3, then you need to remove your microSD Card before doing that. You also should consult this article on how to fix problems with the Windows 10 November update 1511 being stuck on install. If, on the other hand, the update is not showing up, here’s how to try and install it.

What about you? How have you been affected by this rather big update? Subscribe by leaving your email in the form from below for more details on this, as we are gathering more details and don’t forget to leave your input at the end.


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Avatar FMasaya

After upgrade to v 511 (system compilation 10586.0), the pc startup became EXTREMELY SLOW: it takes more than 2 minutes and a half, and before it took around 40 seconds.

Avatar Riskullah Makmur

After I upgrade 1511 version, my HDD is not accesible, the device is not ready 🙁

Avatar dodocs

After upgrade my Audio is crashing – reinstalled drivers in couple ways doesn’t help.
But it’s not that it is crashing (with an error), you can hear that something is trying to play, but every second, you can hear something for just 0.1 sec. – sometimes for 2 sec it is ok, and than again it’s bad.
My laptop is Acer 4830TG, sound hardware: Conexant High Definition Audio

Avatar David M

I run Windows 7 backup at 03:00 very night onto a second HDD. Since MS installed W10 V1511 on December 9th this causes the PC to bugcheck and restart. It claims that an attempt was made to write to read only memory. It worked before the update without problems.
I know the problem is due to Windows 7 backup because I can provoke the problem by starting a backup. It seems actually to make a backup but crash at the end before updating the backup date under “Maintenance”.
I have found no way to report this to MS…

Avatar John

I also got the “Desktop icons not saving” problem with the update.
Would have been nice to be forewarned that all my “favorites” (websites) would disappear beforehand.

Avatar mATpEG

When I updated, the picture password feature stopped working and would allow me to do infinite clicks and patterns and just showed a start over button on the left >:(

Avatar maTpEG

Also i get double boot logo problem too
It’s like:
BIOS splash screen
Blinking cursor for 1 second
Windows boot logo
Black screen
GPU drivers load (i know this because the driver-driven gpu fan slows down)
Windows boot logo
Login screen

Avatar moT

Horrible thing happened: this update wiped out my entire E drive (logical drive)!! Luckily I had a backup, so I did not have to reinstall all the programs, but it was irony for this update to say “your files stay there” or something… I have a feeling Microsoft’s quality control is going down with the new CEO…

Avatar The Limbix

After installing 1511 I can not click on Notifications, I cannot right click on task bar icons with exception to the windows logo, the instant type and search feature does not work and Edge does not start. Not only are these issues happening to me but multiple instances when the update has happened around the office.

Avatar John Mounsey

OK… so I’m the latest on this list of people to be experiencing Windows 10 Build 1511 issues.

Actually, I only have ONE issue – but it’s a highly annoying one. I invested £350+ on a DELL 4k (24″) screen earlier this year. FANTASTIC! Windows has never looked better. O/S zoom / scaling set to 200% – and away I went, everything looking _amazing_ and text super-crisp (couldn’t imagine it possible to be any better).

Then Build 1511 comes along… and even though text is still (compared to Windows 8.1) superb, I’m SURE it is now either more blurry – or more jagged (and no longer super-crisp) – depending on where you are on Windows.

How on EARTH can this have happened? Has anyone else experienced this issue?


PS. on the “plus” side the update itself, though huge, did download + install OK – so my only issue is the text quality POST update (unless it’s my eyes… but I don’t think it is).

Avatar Hans

Unable to create new user account after upgrade to 1511. I installed the upgrade in 3 computers. In 2 of them it was impossible to create a new user account. When I tried to create an user account, it finished off as usual. But when I restarted the machine, the user account doesn’t shows up. Moreover, the newly created user account folder was missing from the user folders (C:Users), and in the registry I found no subkey for this account in the profile list.

Avatar Ken Pilcher

After installing 1511, all my printer drivers were gone (I had three for print to PDF and about 8-10 for physical printers). I am unable to print to PDF using Foxit, CutePDF, or Microsoft’s own Print to PDF. I got a driver for Foxit by re-installing the program, and there is a driver for OneNote. Sending to OneNote also won’t work. Error message is the same for all of them, a generic “error on printer [X] on [port]” with some non-helpful stuff about not enough memory, cable is loose (for PDF?), etc. I have no access to physical printers at this time, so I can’t test an install of those. I can’t find anything on internet searches or on the Microsoft site to indicate anyone else has this problem. I’m running an HP with an older i7 chip and 8 GB RAM. Hard drive has plenty of space.

Avatar Kim

After Installing the update, i get an error when accessing my icloud contacts in outlook. Any ideas?

Avatar Delsin

After install this 1511 update my PC was useless. It was restarting continuously. I had no access to my desktop.
Thankfully I had original windows 10 on USB, so I back to previous build. Everything works fine again.

Avatar Adrian Palmer

The Threshold Update itself was painless on the Zotac Mini PC with Win 10 Basic installed, but now after stand by or restart none of the bluetooth devices (mouse and keyboard) is working. They report connected and/or paired but need uninstalling then reinstalling and repairing every time.

Avatar YanDhika

my problem now is the “double logo” which always appear when the device is boot up.

The boot after restart on Windows 10 Build 10240:
2. Windows Boot Logo
3. Blank Black Screen
4. Login Screen

The boot after restart on Windows 10 November Update Build 10586:
2. Windows Boot Logo
3. Blank Black Screen
4. Windows Boot Logo
5. Login Screen

Avatar Dan Harvell

Upgraded with no trouble, at all, except for having to reinstall my audio interface drivers / mixer app. Once that was done, everything worked as it always had, before.

Avatar AJ Mote

What a mess, two fresh installs after wiping the first 10586 off my SSD and 3 installs of my games, the only thing left is all the dam driver crashes. What a fail for M$hit. I just learned not to keep important stuff on my OS drive.

Avatar Luis A. Rios-Reboyras

I lost my hospital encrypted WIFI and I am unable to go back. The best joy option is to go back to Windows 8. Is there any for to re establish the original Windows 10. I have a Surface 3 Pro i7.

Avatar linuxfan1

I installed this on my desktop and will restart after a few minutes of being open and on my desktop screen.

Avatar the windows guy

My tablet too stuck at 40% damn shit. Hey guys can we move the apps to another drive with this update

Avatar Vitor

My 6 months old desktop was upgraded to WIN 10 build 10240 from win 7 Prof and had no problems and all devices working well. However, after version 1511 build 10586 upgrade, my Laserjet 1100(parallel interface through a PCIe adapter) does not print now and comes with an error. The printer
is seen by the OS, is online, ready as default printer. Restored an “image” backup of build 10240 and the printer works fine. The driver version are the same on both builds. I have another printer(USB Interface Lexmark X2350) also not working on the latest build.

Avatar exVT

My Dell XPS with Windows 10 didn’t show the update so I followed the instructions in this article to manually update to 1511. I created a DVD and booted it, and it went all the way through without issue. Once I booted it, however, the hard drive kept going to 100% and then the machine froze. I had to power down with the button. I restored my drive to the previous image I had mad and tried to update on the Microsoft website. I got the same results. My advice is that if you are going to manually install the upgrade, you create an image of your hard drive because if you hit the issue I have you cannot back out any other way.

Avatar D Aylward

My Acer laptop upgraded flawlessly however it was a complete disaster when it came to updating my wife’s HP Laptop (pavillion G6) to 1511. The update seemed to install easily enough but after the final restart the laptop was effectively unusable. Any function, be it opening a program, typing a word or clicking on an icon was taking in excess of a minute at a time despite the fact that the resource manager was not reporting any unusually large spikes. After a few hours of trying to remedy the problem I’ve given up and am now in the process of trying to restore to the original 10 build – fingers crossed. I’ve been holding off upgrading my 8.1 desktop to 10 and these kind of issues do nothing to inspire confidence or increase my urgency to do so.

Avatar Josh

Set a manual page file in control panel performance. Its in the advanced tab . I have no idea why it is doing this!

Avatar Peter C. Matthews

Catasrophic WinSock failure after update. Did a rollback to previous version, totally reset the installation, fresh install of Windows from recovery CD, updated all drivers, followed every troubleshooting tutorial I’ve found, reset WinSock manually, performed full diagnostics checks, netsh, dism, sfc, chkdsk, regcln, netcfg, tried at least six different tcp/winsock repairers, unistalled Hyper V, reinstalled Hyper V, flushed DNS, deleted winsock from registry, deleted devices from devmgmt… problem still persists. The fault seems to be within the win10 image, but none of the scanners show it as corrupt, so they overwrite the “faulty” data with the same, faulty data, and then throw a fit when it doesn’t fix it. Even now I’ve stopped the insider build updates, and reverted back to regular Win10, it’s still on 10586, and the problem is still there within the image. I’m not sure what to do from here.

Avatar berebe

Thinkpad T430 .. fingerprint sensor no longer working. Settings app -> accounts = app hang. After reboot, connecting to wifi takes one minute. Thanks Microsoft.

Avatar Dave

My update is stuck at 52%.It’s been that way for about 10 days. I restored to a previous date and then it cleared. I tried to reinstall and “not” to my surprise, it’s stuck at 52% again. Gee, I want my Windows 95 C version back, but I can’t find the restore date.

Avatar kntrhrd

After the November update, some of my apps cannot update and thus won’t launch.

Avatar Dodo

Update 1511 destroyed my C: NTFS partition during the update process. The MBR and MFT are broken. Even from my dual-boot Linux I can’t mount the broken NTFS partition despite repair it… All data on my Windows partition was lost. Fortunately the important stuff was on the Linux ext4 partition. Something like that never happened in 15 years. This really made me think.

Avatar said_what

My update stuck on 40%. Tried twice to upgrade. Since then I had deactivate updates until issue resolved.

Avatar Grey Haven

My taskbar doesn’t work after this corruptdate. What are they doing at Microsuck?? I can’t click on the Windows button on the far left. I can open programs that are in the taskbar, but I cannot access the settings or anything else pertaining to Windows Start menu. No tiles. Nothing. This is by far the worst OS EVER.

Avatar Paul Prince

Experiencing the same

Avatar Daena

Nvidia GeForce drivers issue: “display driver stopped responding and has recovered”. I get this error quite often and I have the newest drivers too.

Avatar Lennart Stek

You’re not alone! As far as i have tried we are stuck with this and have to wait for a new driver.

Avatar Lennart Stek

New driver is here but the problem stays for me.

Avatar Daena

New driver out this morning and it still happens! Ugh…

Avatar Lennart Stek

Yup, no fix yet.

Avatar Lennart Stek

Hello there, try download driver 358.50 and come back to me if it worked? I think it might did for me.

Avatar Lennart Stek

Hello once again, windows 10 beta drivers will fix the problem for now. I thought the 358.50 was the fix but download the beta version and you will be fine for now.

Avatar Kate

Mine just said failed to install, (after reaching 100%), rolling back changes. Thankfully, it managed to roll back successfully and I’ve had no issues. Nothing noted as to “why”, no error codes.

I have found that Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will not load on Windows 10, at least on my machine. I even uninstalled it with Your Uninstaller, removing all(?) traces, and re-installed. Nada. It’s irritating, but I really like this OS. I have an oldish Dell Dimension E521 that I added additional 2gb memory to years ago, and it runs significantly better/faster than Win7 did. It’s pretty speedy on bootup with Win10 and runs smoothly.

Avatar James

This is on of the most annoying update ever for me. With our data capped internet, this update will download all the way to 100% and the move back to “Error restart download” Worst yet, I cannot stop or remove this download and all our data is been taken away by Microsoft for about a week now until 3 days ago when I found out. Now I am able to set my wireless to metered before the update is paused. What an annoying way to deny us the liberty to choose which update to install or remove. James

Avatar Lindana Perez

My update had errors and the search bar is not functional. The boot also takes forever plus sometimes windows uninstalls stuff sometimes.

Avatar reteng1945

Windows 10 1511 does not allow web based services to work properly; i.e. “AutoDesk-Fusion360”, “Solidworks Updater”, “Adobe Creative Cloud”, etc.

Avatar staticx

My Fingerprint Reader also Stopped working after updating to v1511.
I’m using Dell Latitude E6230 (i7/ssd/8gb)
very frustrating! I would love to hear about some way to fix that..
I’ve tried to uninstall device drivers and enroll again, but it seems like the Reader just doesn’t work…

Avatar Egyptian19

Contact dell and file a complaint.

Avatar staticx

Yea, I’ve figured it out.
After latest update, I’ve uninstalled DDP app and cleared the TPM, then I defined new fingerprints via Windows Hello console and it’s working again.
no need to DDP app.

Avatar David Lee

I installed it on my laptop, an Asus N551ZU. Immediately got the quickstream error right after (apparently it wiped the license key or something off the registry). Then a while later I got a bunch of errors repetitively saying msvcr100.dll is missing, then an error saying that it has uninstalled Spybot-S&D, my go-to anti-malware app. Then my laptop started BSODing when I try to do anything.

However, after I made a updated DVD using the media creation tool and reinstalled Windows from scratch, there has been no problem. Makes me think that the issue is that when the update was installed, it haphazardly removed files that other programs were using, causing total instability. Microsoft should’ve just made it overwrite older files instead of trying to do some sort of clean-up in the progress. Would’ve made it a smaller download too if they did.

Avatar Denis Theteck

so me i installed it and when i come back i lost my french display pack … and unbable to install it again … so i try everything … so i use recovery and return to old windows … when its come back language is ok … no internet nothing .. no ip …. i need to use a netsh winsock reset do have it back …
1 another pc its all ok for now trying on thirnd laptop to see …
i retry the failled one now … good luck

Avatar Jose Torres

Before this update my computer booted up fast with my ssd now it takes really long to boot up and get past the login screen.

Avatar Jerry Baart

After update of november 13, my RAID controller failed to see the hard drive. During boot the RAID controller reports status “failed”. Is all my data gone now?

Avatar shae23

after upgrading, you cannot restore power plan to defaults, like say you change close lid to do nothing instead of sleep or raise the brightness, there is no restore to default option -__- like why would there not be

Avatar meow-meow-meow

Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x8024200D: Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, version 1511, 10586.

Avatar John Mounsey

I get that too (now). #annoying

Avatar Kerry Gray

I have been working professionally with every MS OS since DOS – Win 10 is absolutely amateur by comparison. Things have certainly changed since the “old guard” left the company.

Avatar YuCMi

I’m not updating until I’m forced to, or feel confident that enough time has passed for all that shit to be fixed. Each major release of Win10 is like the AC: Unity launch all over again. Everything upwards of Win8 has been a stability nightmare for me.

Avatar Kathleen

There was a Bluetooth button yesterday after the update highlighted in the Action Center but this morning it’s not there….just curious as to what happened to it?