Users Ask Microsoft to Improve the Windows 10 Feedback Tool

by Ivan Jenic
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The purpose of Windows 10 Technical Preview is testing and reporting what’s good and what’s bad in the new system. But, how can you give your feedback when the feedback tool doesn’t work the way it should work.
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Feedback tool is the most important feature of Windows 10 Technical Preview, even more important than other main features of the system, such as Cortana or return of the Start Menu. But according to many users, and my personal experience with this feature, feedback tool is full of bugs and is very unstable sometimes. This instability of the feedback tool even questions the purpose of Windows 10 Technical Preview, because how can you test the system and report all the pros and cons you noticed when the reporting tool doesn’t work properly?!

Now let’s talk about disadvantages of the feedback tool, and trust me, there are plenty of them. First thing most of participants of Windows Insider Program noticed is that the tool runs very slow on PC, or even shows ‘There was a problem while contacting the service’ message. Also, user experience is not on a high level, because text in the app is not word wrapping, and runs off the right hand side of the page so you can’t read full comments, and you might get confused easily.

Next on our list is a searching feature within the app. This feature doesn’t even work, forcing you to search manually for the desired topic and loose much of the valuable time. It seems unbelievable that such an important feature for not just this app doesn’t work, but as you’ve probably noticed, it doesn’t.

Another big con of this app are definitely comments, commenting and reading comments in this app is not very pleasant experience. For now, it is not possible to add replys to your own comments, so if you missed something or made a spelling mistake, sorry you can’t correct yourself. Reading the comments is not much better, because when you’re reading a certain comment, and then go back, you’ll get to the top of the page, and not to the previous comment you’ve read. So if you want to read a comment again, you’ll have to search for it again, manually. Another thing that isn’t a real con, but certainly wouldn’t hurt, is adding numbers to comments, so that you can find a certain comment easier.

Because of all of these problems, people choose not to write any feedback to Microsoft, which could be very harmful for the company. The company mustn’t let itself to have another unsatisfying operating system, which means that they need to build an OS that is completely acceptable for users, but that probably wouldn’t be possible without a proper feedback from them. So if the Redmond-based company wants to be successful with its new operating system, the feedback tool needs to be improved.

We would also like to hear about your experience in using this feature, do you have the same problems? Have you noticed any more cons? Feel free to write about all of that in the comment section below, and don’t worry if you misspelled some word, you can reply to your own comments here.

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