Windows 10 notifications tell Firefox users to switch to Edge

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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Windows 10 notification tells Firefox users to switch to Microsoft Edge

Battery drain is one of the major problems that affect almost all smart devices, from smartphones to the latest laptop models.

Nowadays, users are more concerned about battery life as compared to the past.

The same problem affects web browsers as well. Web browsers are one of the most used programs on computers, as well as smart devices.

As a matter of fact, Microsoft regularly runs various tests to compare browsers in terms of battery life. The tech giant uses Chrome, Firefox and Edge to track battery drain across various devices.

Most tests confirmed that Mozilla Firefox drains more battery as compared to other browsers. However, Microsoft has now started warning Firefox users about it as well.

Windows 10 users reported that they are seeing the following message on their systems.

Chrome is draining your battery faster. Switch to Microsoft Edge for up to 36% more browsing time

People think that Microsoft is simply advertising its upcoming Chromium Edge browser. One of the users reported on Reddit:

Microsoft and google seem to both partake in this behaviour making Firefox a less useable browser than their own.

Firefox battery drain notification

Redditors pointed out that Microsoft adopted the same strategy for Internet Explorer as well. The company had to face the consequences as it got sued in Europe.

Here are 5 browsers to significantly extend your laptop’s battery life.

It looks like some people don’t mind such notifications. They think that Microsoft is doing the right job by notifying its users about those programs that consume more power.

It’s also not new, they’ve been doing this in Windows 10 for a long time. I actually don’t mind that the operating system might notify me when a particular application is consuming higher than average power. That’s great information for me as a user. Just don’t use it to try to onboard me to a product.

Time will tell how Microsoft Edge performs in terms of battery life.

Meanwhile, if you think that Firefox consumes more battery power it’s time to switch. You might need some time to get comfortable with the new browser.

Speaking of switching to a different browser, we recommend using UR Browser. This privacy-focused browser won’t drain your battery.

All that hard work will pay off when you will not have to frequently deal with low battery problems.


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