Windows 10 users say last quality update causes intense screen flashing

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Windows updates are sometimes known to cause a little more harm than good.
  • However, this rarely happens, but when it does it makes systems go haywire.
  • Reddit users claim the last Windows 10 quality update causes screen flashes.
  • The issue was only saved once the latest software patch was actually removed.
windows 10 screen flickering

We’ve all had our share of buggy Windows updates, and the aftermath of downloading and installing them onto our setups.

While most updates are harmless and actually improve the operating systems, others clearly have some design flaws and really turn our worlds upside down.

It happened again, recently, as Reddit users shared with the rest of the community, after installing the latest Windows 10 quality update.

Latest Windows 10 update is said to trigger screen flashing

Indeed, most of the Windows OS users aren’t at all strangers to some of the quirkiest, weirdest, and most frustrating consequences of installing certain updates.

As we said, although most updates don’t cause our systems to go haywire, some are quite buggy and could have unexpected side effects, just like vaccines.

A recent Reddit post reiterates just that, as the user that created it shares his latest update experience with fellow users.

Thus, after installing the latest update prompted by the operating system, upon turning on the PC, Northerleyfire was surprised to be greeted not by new release notes, but by intense screen flickering.

The user said that he updated and shut down his PC, then powered it on again the following day. And nothing seems to be a miss until he logs on to his profile, at which point the screen starts flashing/flickering.

I can’t click on anything except what’s on the task manager which I accessed using the keyboard shortcut.

I tried a new user profile, but I had the same issues and now whenever it boots up it takes me straight to the new user profile. Due to me being unable to click anything, I can’t log out.

Apparently, the issue was only resolved once the latest Windows 10 quality update was removed from the device, and everything went back to normal.

And since we’re on the topic of Windows updates, don’t forget to check out the complete Patch Tuesday patch list, with direct download links.

If you too are among users that are plagued by such issues as screen flashing on Windows 10, be sure to have a look over our dedicated fix article and put the problem behind you.

There are also cases where some updates or errors can lead to a phenomenon known as the White Screen of Death, and we can show you how to fix it, on Windows 10.

Have you also encountered such a problem after any of the last Windows 10 updates? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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