Windows 10 icons will have rounded corners in 2020

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Windows 10 rounded corners

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Microsoft decided to bring rounded corners back to Windows 10 20H1. The company announced the upcoming version will have many updates including rounded corners for icons and a new tab design in the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

The current version of Windows 10 includes sharp square-shaped icons. Square icons were introduced by Microsoft for Windows phones to distinguish them from the iPhone.Unfortunately, these sharp icons did not get very popular among users.

Due to negative feedback and limited success, Microsoft decided to introduce rounded corners in the upcoming version of Windows 10 scheduled for release next year.

Many users were surprised by this move:

So funny to see how many is mad about rounded edges, and transparent parts, when that is why everyone hated Windows 8 and 10 in the beginning. I remember when people left Windows 7 and people Hated the flat boxy look.

Other users said that Microsoft regretted ending support for Windows 7 so much that the company simply had to bring some features back:

Even Microsoft employees regret the Windows 7 end of support so much they transform Windows 10 into a 7 remake. And I hate the transparency effects in latest versions of Windows 10. They don’t fit the flat design.

This new design is currently available for Insiders in the Skip Ahead and Fast ring. It will also be available for the public in the spring of 2020.

Microsoft hopes that this update will reduce the sharpness of the current UI version.



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