Microsoft hints at upcoming Windows 10 foldable PC with this patent

by Madalina Dinita
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Microsoft’s latest patent is once again hinting at its much-rumored Windows 10 foldable PC concept. While the rumors were already rife about their first foldable device in making, there has been no official confirmation yet.

The new patent, named as the “Flexible display Hinged Device’ was announced on June 27 by USPTO. It offers some fresh viewpoints regarding the highly anticipated folding device.

The patented Windows 10 foldable PC adopts a much similar look from Microsoft’s Surface Book 2.

This is the world’s first Windows 10 foldable laptop. Would you buy it?

Exoskeletal hinge on the list

Microsoft’s folding device comes equipped with two hinges, with one on each side. These hinges have been named with a compelling term called “Exoskeletal Hinge”.

windows 10 foldable PC patent

According to Microsoft, the initial exoskeletal hinge is actually a bent tab that moves in a curved chamber. This is further characterized by the second hinge section allowing both the hinges to rotate.

Apparently, to hold the adaptable monitor on the neural axis during rotation, the current additions can include another curved hinge. This is self-adjusting and can automatically adjust its own length during rotation.

Although the moving displays have an upper hand over the fixed ones, they are prone to damage.

This the reason why Microsoft emphasizes on the applications as they tend to find a solution for the technical issues of holding the moving display in a neural setting during the length of rotation of both the hinges.

Earlier this month, USPTO had already dropped hints on Microsoft working on making foldable PCs long-lasting. The original patent for the Microsoft’s folding PC was reportedly filed towards the end of 2017.