Users want Microsoft to implement a folder size feature in Windows 10

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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Folder size feature in Windows 10

Many Windows 10 users have noticed the OS does not list the folder size next to each and every folder you have on your disk. Apparently, you might be thinking that the folder size feature is not important at all.

Consider a situation when your system has become slow and it takes a significant amount of time to perform different operations. It’s time to delete all the unnecessary files to clean up your system.

You might be interested to get information about the size of different folders to save some extra space.

It is pretty annoying when you need to go to Properties to check folder size information. It would be convenient if the file size was already mentioned in File Explorer.

Windows 10 users recently discussed the matter on Reddit.

Windows is still unable to figure out size of folders

Folder size Windows 10

This is not a new problem and it has been noticed in the previous versions of Windows as well. This issue sparked a heated discussion on Reddit.

People started discussing why Windows should or shouldn’t show folder size. The folder size feature is pretty useful. It seems like many people want Microsoft to implement it.

Having foldersize built into Windows would be soooo nice and productive – you could easily trim the space of stuff and notice if folders get out of hand in size..

However, we can not deny the fact that the folder size calculation may lead to performance degradation issues.

It’s not that it’s unable. It is pretty much able to, except it would be a pretty costly operation to run every time you browse your file system.

Others are of the opinion that Microsoft is avoiding this feature on purpose. The feature is available on other platforms such as Mac.

These 3 file size reducer software for PC will always come in handy.

Microsoft should implement the folder size as an optional feature so that we can turn it on when required.

It should be optional like in macOS. Turn it on for the specific folder when you need it (which causes all child folders of that folder get their sizes calculated), otherwise it’s off by default.

If you are one of those who want Windows the folder size feature in Windows, you should go for third party applications. There are many third-party tools available online that offer the same functionality.


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