Windows 10 to Become the Leading Gaming Operating System

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Even before the release of Windows 10, Microsoft promised that the system will be extremely games-friendly, as that the company cares a lot about gaming experience on both Windows 10 and Xbox platforms. And it looks like Microsoft kept its promise, as users are quite satisfied with gaming on Windows 10.

The fact that people enjoy gaming on Windows 10 leads to the point where it is on the good way to become the most used operating system for playing games in the world. New stats provided by Valve, for its gaming platform Steam, tell us that Windows 7 is still the most used operating system for gaming in the world, but Windows 10 is on the second place, and more and more gamers decide to switch to the latest Microsoft’s operating system.

Speaking in percent, 34.81% of Steam gamers were running 64-bit version of Windows 7, while 31.25% were playing their Steam games on 64-bit version of Windows 10. So we can easily tell that Windows 10 will surpass Windows 7, very soon. Just to mention, Windows 8 was on the third place, but far behind, with just 15.09%.

More and More Gamers Choose Windows 10

Another fact that proves Windows 10 will soon surpass Windows 7 as gaming number one choice is that Windows 10 is the only Microsoft’s operating system that posted an increase last month (actually Windows XP also posted an increase of 0.01%, but it’s overall share is just 2.17 percent, which leaves Microsoft’s legendary OS far behind others). While Windows 10 improved its share by 2.44%, Windows 7 dropped by 0.82%, so we should expect the change on the top very soon.

Steam isn’t the only gaming platform that gamers on Windows 10 choose, as Microsoft’s own Windows Store posted an incredible growth, with more than 3 billion visits during 2015. The expansion of the market brought some famous games, like Minecraft (now Microsoft’s own), and World of Tanks, to the Store, which will automatically attract even more users.

So, if the numbers continue to grow in Windows 10’s favor, we should expect it to take Windows 7’s place in all fields, and become absolutely dominant operating system for playing games. This increase will also benefit Microsoft in the way of convincing more people to upgrade to Windows 10, which is something the company tries really hard since the release of the system in July.


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