Microsoft’s Home Hub to be a major Amazon Echo Show competitor

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Windows 10’s Home Hub has the potential of being an important Amazon Echo Show competitor considering the details and internal concepts that recently leaked.

Windows 10’s Home Hub future features

Home Hub was initially supposed to be a Cortana-powered speaker perfect to battle the Amazon Echo. But Microsoft seems to have greater plans for it. The company has recently revealed the fact that it plans on taking the family PC a step further with Home Hub in Windows 10.

Home Hub will power new shared Windows 10 PC experiences. For instance, its home screen will show the calendar for the whole family, their to-do lists, and their notes. Home Hub will also be able to distinguish between different users in a similar way that Google’s Home speaker does it.

This means that users will be able to check out their own to-do lists and also schedule on their family’s Home Hub. The welcome screen in Home Hun will always remain on which is pretty interesting.

Home Hub will allow users to control their smart home machines. Microsoft is planning on adding support for devices from Philips, Hue, Google’s Nest, Wink, Insteon and Samsung’s SmartThings. Windows 10 users will then be able to control all smart devices in their home from their Home Hub device. They will just have to use the dedicated app.

Home Hub vs. Echo Show

The Home Hub leak came right after Amazon has launched a similar product called the Echo Show. Frankly speaking, when compared to Home Hub, the Echo Show seems quite rudimentary in terms of the future. Its main feature is video calling and you can already do this via Skype or Home Hub.

Home Hub will arrive on Windows 10 with the next important update that’s due sometime around this September.

Microsoft may make a big announcement on the Home Hub during its event in Shanghai on May 23rd.


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I think Microsoft can be successful with Home Hub, because so many people already have computers with Windows 10, so they don’t have to buy a whole new device. It could have smart home control, video calling, and more that the Echo Show has but on the Windows 10 laptop you already have.

Distinguishing between users is a really big feature. We have had the Echo since it launched and now have several Google Homes. Hopefully MS will implement the distinguishing users just like how Google has done it.

Always hated the Amazon approach with passcodes. The big question is can MS get something competitive with the Google Home in terms of brains. The GH is easily the most advanced AI I have seen.

Here is a simple example to show the extend of Google AI. Started asking something and then a long pause and the GH asked with very human inflection “yes”. I say “I forgot” and it responds with “no worries happens to me all the time”.

A few days later the same thing. With the “yes” but then I say “forget it” and it responds with “yes let’s move forward”. But they change. I guess from Google crawling the web have the device acting in a very human manner.

As I said I do have an Echo but it is really not a competitive product longer term. It was first and had momentum but ultimately a MS device will be compared to Google Home and not the Echo.