New Windows 10 HP ENVY x360 laptop boasts outstanding 11 hour battery life

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HP is on a roll: it just keeps on announcing new laptop models with extraordinary features. The Envy x360 is one such model, delivering an outstanding 11-hour battery life, three hours more than previous generation laptops. This kind of battery life is possible thanks to the hybrid technology HP uses for its latest laptop models, a feature that combines two other important features: thinner design and a coveted 4K Display Option.

As always, bear in mind that the maximum capacity of any battery will naturally decrease with time and usage. It will sure be interesting to see how long this battery lasts after six months of usage.

The laptop has a 360-degree gear-based hinge design allowing you to flex it, so users can use it as a tablet and still have access to the capabilities of a top of the line laptop. There are four main modes for taking advantage of this 360-degree hinge:

  • stand mode – to watch movies or for video conferences
  • tent mode – for you favorite games
  • notebook mode  – so you can use this laptop at work
  • tablet mode – allowing you to use the laptop like a tablet to browse the internet or read.

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As far as specs are concerned, here’s what the HP Envy x360 is built with:

  • 6th generation Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processors with optional Intel® Iris™ graphics or 7th generation AMD FX™ 9800P Quad-Core Processor with Radeon™ R7 Graphics.
  • Full HD  display option and clear, premium sound with HP Audio Boost technology with tuning by Bang & Olufsen to extend the entertainment experience.
  • Two USB 3.0 Gen 1 ports with one supporting HP USB Boost, one USB Type-C™ for data transfer, HDMI and SD card reader for maximum productivity.
  • Up to 16 GB of system memory and single or dual storage options with up to 2 TB HDD and up to 256 GB PCIe SDD.
  • 15.6″ diagonal display with a 4K Display option.

You can buy the HP Envy x360 starting from May 29 from BestBuy.


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