Windows 10 Auto concept powered by Windows 10 Mobile

by Radu Tyrsina
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Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto are infotainment systems that allow smartphone users to drive while having access to their smartphones’ features. With it, they can stay focused on the road while getting directions, making or receiving calls or listening to music. While Microsoft doesn’t have an infotainment system, MSFT Space has imagined a “Windows 10 Auto” concept.

The Windows 10 Auto concept is a card-based interface which means that cards with the best content and apps will appear on the homescreen, but they depend on the time of the day, the weather and other variables. “For example, as it’s the start of the day, the system assumes that the user is heading to their work — and therefore, it’s showing a card for Windows Maps which will provide directions as soon as the user taps on it. Moreover, the system is aware of the fact that the user’s car is low on fuel. Which is why it’s showing a Fuel Meter that has data regarding the nearest gas station, and it also estimates the remaining miles with the current fuel level,” explained Mehedi Hassan at MSFT Space.

Cortana will be part of Windows 10 Auto and it will make it easier for users to interact with their smartphones using voice commands. So, they will ask Cortana to offer details about their car, to read emails or play songs from Groove Music’s catalog. According to MSFT Space, Groove Music “will include easy to access controls, and a simple way of switching between songs just be swiping left/right. The app will also show the progress of a music playback on the bottom (which the users can swipe to back to a certain part of the song).”

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