Internet Explorer in Windows 10 Fixes Issues With Low-Space and Temp Files Extraction

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January is here and we are waiting for a new Windows 10 Technical Preview version to land. Till then, Microsoft has recently rolled out two updates to fix two common issues in Internet Explorer on Windows 10: the logic for low-space detection error and the temporary files extraction error.
About 12% of Windows 10 testers have reported such issues on Internet Explorer. Therefore, the tech giant got its engineers team at work and they quickly rolled out two updates to address the above mentioned issues.

Here’s what happened: the first error was related to the logic for low-space detection that  got inverted and then compressed automatically as a background operation. The second bug caused the installer to stop because it made it think that the temporary files did not extract correctly.

“In build 9879 we introduced some new System Compression code that systems with SSDs can take advantage of to reduce disk usage by the OS. In some cases the logic for low-space detection gets inverted, and we compress automatically as a background operation.

On PCs have had system compression enabled, an additional bug with how the filesystem tracks deletes caused the installer to think that the temp files failed to extract correctly, so the installer fails because it thinks it cannot complete.”, confirms Gabriel Aul, the head of Windows Insider program.

There is also a workaround available:

  • Restart your PC
  • Open CMD.exe as an Administrator and run: compact /u /exe /s:%windir%\winsxs\filemaps
  • Immediately run Windows Update and Check for Updates
  • Install KB 3020114
  • Restart when prompted

We should all appreciate Microsoft’s reaction time to this issue. All is well that ends well.

However, those of you who are testing Windows 10 should expect to find other issues. After all, you are using a product which not yet finished and bugs and crashes are something normal at this stage.  But thanks to your help, Microsoft can deliver a higher quality final product and most importantly, don’t forget that your feed back can help shape the features of Windows 10.

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