Windows 10 KB3093266 Update Problems Reported: Failed Installs, Start Menu and Cortana Issues 

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Microsoft has released yesterday the cumulative update KB3093266 for Windows 10 and as it turns out, there are plenty of various problems reported. Read below to see what users have been complaining about. 

Windows 10 KB3093266 update problems

Microsoft rolled out a rand new cumulative update for Windows 10 users – KB 3093266. The update isn’t yet available to all users, it seems, but those who received reported that it comes with a size of 226MB for 32bit users and 505MB for the 64bit version.

According to Microsoft, this update comes with improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10. Other than that, it seems that no new details have been added, but many users have been reporting of various problems that they have encountered.

KB 3093266 brings plenty of bugs in Windows 10

The most widespread problem seems to be related with the install of this new update, with various users reporting that they are stuck on Stuck at 98% or other values. When the install fails, the system gets into an infinite reboot loop because it is automatically restarted while users are then prompted to re-initiate the process. Here are just a couple of the complaints that we’ve found on the Microsoft support forums:

Every time I try to install this update I get error 0X80004005. My Windows 10 has been activated.

Unable to download and or install update for windows 10 for x64 based Systems. KB3093266) – Error 0x8e5e0147 antivirus program disabled. no help, fixed the update system no help, even though when I ran windows update troubleshot program it tells me that windows update components must be repaired nad informs me that it is fixed and completed. Then if I ran it again it tells me exactly the same thing that must repaired and that the repair is been completed.

I tried to install the update KB3093266 but the installation is stuck at “Windows is being prepared: Don’t turn of you PC”

Somebody else complains that Tiworker.exe crashes when he tries to install KB3081455 or KB3093266. Somebody else is getting the same 0x80004005 error with no other explanations.

Other Windows 10 users are complaining that after this update, they are having various problems with the Start menu, Cortana search, notifications and the Edge browser. Others have been reporting that various drivers have crashed. Use the comments field from below to let us know of your problem, as well.

Improvements brought by KB 3093266 to Windows 10

However, besides these annoying problems, there are actually a few important updates released by Microsoft that haven’t been officially documented. A Microsoft representative has reached out on Reddit saying the following:

“This update contains more improvements for anyone who’s been seeing issues with start menu reliability or the critical error dialogs mentioning start and/or Cortana – def jump on it if you’re one of those impacted. Team continues to actively investigate other underlying causes for these issues, we appreciate your patience.”

So, what is your experience after applying this update? Has Microsoft managed to help you or it has instead botched your Windows 10 system? Leave your comment below and let us know.


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My Windows 10 was as perfect as a program can be and fast at everything – until this update. Even writing this it is trying to hang, never before did it do that. I have I7 processor- 6 meg memory with 1 tB hard drive. My boot time went from just a few sec. to poor and may or may not let me in.

Since the update, my computer locks and goes to sleep every 20 minutes even while I’m typing or using the mouse or watching a film.

every time i do this update i it tells me a restart has been schedualed.i then turn off my laptop turn it back on and it shows windows icon then just sticks on black screen.i have tried to reset windows 10 3 times and get wht looks fine back.i then do this update and same shit.pissed off.cant go back to my original windows either now because ive reset.they better fix this.why send a update with problems.idiots!

My pc just went haywire… Unresponsive n at snails pace now with hardly any apps able to be run… Trying to uninstall the kb3093266

There has been some discussion of various issues related to KB3093266 at

Some answers there have worked for some people, so I suggest going there and doing a search or select from Windows topics: Update & recovery then sub-topic: Update.

You don’t need to be signed in to read, but it is a good place to post questions about specific problems.


I have been stuck at 91% for so long now for (KB3093266). I check back periodically to see if it has finally done something. Nothing. How do I fix this? Step by step.

Computer gets stuck on red screen with loading circle. I have left it for 12 hours at one point and the only way is to do the Uninstall that keeps my files, however it won’t let me disable the updates so as soon as I turn off my laptop I’m right back to being stuck on the red screen. Would love my laptop back. Can anyone help I have homework do soon

My USB-Ports are crashing randomly but regulary and I need to restart the whole system since KB3093266. Driver reinstall or downgrade didnt help – that really sucks and if it is not fixed on patchday I will downgrade to Win 8.1 again.

After installing KB3093266 I started experiencing the start menu critical error and my new messages icon indicated new messages, but wouldn’t open. Every time I opened my browser the system would ask me if I wanted to make it my default browser and every time I would indicate “yes” only to be asked again the next time I opened it. Then my computer would not start, upon booting it would go into a diagnostic and repair attempt and tell me I was out of luck. I couldn’t remember what date I had installed KB3093266 so I went back to a backup from a week earlier and finally I could boot up again and all my previous problems were gone. Last night I reinstalled KB3093266, but I created a full backup first and have written down the time that I installed the package.

Me too, after the way things have been going lately. And, I had to return to previous version 3 times to sort out getting 10 activated.
Twice, the only way I could do that was by Image Restore.

Btw, to set default browser (for example) you now have to use Control Panel > Default programs. That should make your selection permanent.
I tried it from my browser prompt before too, but it hasn’t worked since upgrade to 10.

Found 127 tracking cookies from using Edge briefly!

I too keep getting the ‘Unable to install.. Undoing changes…’. after clicking on restart. I have been trying to install this update for the past 5 days now with no luck. It just keeps undoing the installation process upon boot up. How can we fix this?

I don’t think we can. I don’t see any answer for it anywhere.
Could temporarily hide it or defer updates to stop it downloading until MS sorts it out.

As it is, the update is causing too many problems when it does install.

The question has been posted on MS Community forums, where they ask for some detailed info about your machine.
No answers yet.

What you might be able to do is Schedule Restart to a later date so as to put off the attempted installation as long as possible.

After installing the update the usb ports are not working, windows start button nor working EDGE and Store apps disable from start bar so finally you have to reset the computer really its frustrating.

After installing the update, the start up button wouldn’t work and am unable to start any of the apps. No sign of EDGE .. it’s frustrating

If my previous post appears, then this is a follow up.
Eventually got the update to ‘work’. Then.. ‘Unable to install.. Undoing changes…’. No explanation, no Error code. Nada.
If this is really about Cortana, then my best guess would be:
Cortana doesn’t work here to start with.

A while back, I still had the *Critical Error” regarding it. Certainly my Start Menu and a bunch of other stuff had stopped working tho.

In case it doesn’t:
MS support kb/3073930 has a tool which can hide unwanted updates.
Such as those that crash drivers, but not anything included in KB3093266 unless you hide the whole thing.

I’m not sure. I thought I read this update “replaces” an earlier one.

Anyway, I *can’t* install it on this computer yet and don’t know why.

The updates I want to stop are Driver updates specifically. They won’t work properly on Dell machines (for example). The last one trashed my display. That’s a serious problem, and more so because Windows 10 doesn’t give you any choice.

The only way to hide them is with the tool I mentioned. I can’t post an active link here, apparently, but it looks something like this:


If I understand correctly, this says “Cumulative” updates contain all previously released fixes: support_microsoft_com/en-us/kb/3093266 In which case, there is no dependency on earlier updates.
There used to be for NET. Framework updates, I know.

If I don’t understand correctly, well.. It wouldn’t be the first time. c(%

So….. What am I suppose to do about this update forcing to install but only cause the repair loop? This is the second day and it’s annoying! I’m serious about to go back to windows 8 or 7.

Windows Update installed this and rebooted over night. that was ok but when it rebooted Windows Defender detected malware Win32Patched/AP (c:windowssyswow64dnsapi.dll) This quarantined the file and then nothing could get out to internet (firefox, chrome, dropbox, etc). only edge would work. I rolled back a week from system restore and when it rebooted the malware was detected and this time I allowed it and windows is running fine again. Not sure if this is all related or if I had malware that defender could not find before but if anyone knows how to fix the dnsapi.dll I would appreciate it.

After updating KB3093266, my Samsung 850 Pro SSDs were about 4 times slower. Rolled back, good disk speed again, installed again, disk speed down. Rolled back and will wait for a fix.

Same problem-deleted the update and working better. A bit frustrating to say the least windows 7 was working quite well on my computer.

After this update Sony Vegas and DVD Architect will not launch. Used a restore point before the update all works, Tried to reinstall update and get “Cumulative Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB3093266) – Error 0x80004005”. The Sony programs broke once before with an older update and the using a restore point then applying update worked, not this time can not reinstall update.

Actually I just checked my update history and it says it tried to install and failed yesterday too. I think this update is a lost cause for me.

I’m also getting Error 0x80004005. I’ve only tried once. I will try again now. Before this update I’ve been having lots of problems with windows like the right click being blank sometimes, half- filled others, and behaving erratically. The other biggest problem I’m having is that the start menu takes forever to update things like apps being pinned and unpinned, apps being installed, live tiles being disabled, etc. I’m hoping the update will help these but not give me any awful problems instead.

I was lucky and the install downloaded and asked to reboot my laptop rebooted weird but I was busy and did not sit and watch it. My only problem is this. We have a hidden internet connection for obvious reasons windows 8.1 and now 10 will not allow it and will not save the password. Funny thing is my laptop was working with the hidden connecton since I downloaded and installed Windows 10 when it came out. Now after the update my husband had to un block it for my laptop to see it but its hidden to all.

My system downloaded update KB3093266 without any notification I needed to restart. My system hung up trying to open Edge or any other browser could not open task manager either. Had to hit the power button to get it to reset. When came back up it finished the update and rebooted again. Yhis time it got hung in the restart. Sat there for 3 hours had to power system down. Now that it is back up system seems to freeze up periodically no matter what I am doing. Going to try amd uninstall the update to see if this resolves my issues.

Update frozen here for over 6 hours now. After first 2 hours, I restarted it, but it didn’t solve anything. Went right back to 80% and never changes. I have a LOT of work in this computer and do not want to reinstall if I can avoid it. Last 3 updates have all caused similar problems around the world.

When i checked for update i got update Cumulative Update for Windows 10 for x64-based Systems (KB3093266). and starts downloading after 5% suddunlly it goes 100% and after installing finished it ask for restart when i click on that then i got a window “:Working on updates, Don’t turn off your pc” and when it goes 30% then restart again it starts from 30% and go to 52% again it starts and show a message “Update incomplete Undoing changes” and it go restart again and again and when finally start then show me a notification “we can not complete updates” and when i click on it then again all above process starts. i have tried 5 times i also tried delete update files from C/windows/softwaredistribution and run troubleshooter update but it not works

I am getting error 0x80070020. I am not trying the update history removal until we hear from Microsoft, if ever. The forced updates in this version are a horrible idea. Now I am stuck with potentially a big reload and recovery to get them going again or hacking my machine and praying it works. Boo to Microsoft.

Been having problems installing KB3093266. Windows Update tells me I need to install it, I let it, but then, after reboot, it tells me that the update failed. After about a dozen tries, I just wait till Microsoft issues a fix. Then Windows Update tells me again that I need to install KB3093266, I let it… You get the picture. The update history flushing thing that some suggested has been tried, but to no avail.