Microsoft Pulls Windows 10 KB3105208 Update Because of BSODs

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Microsoft recently released an October KB3105208 update for Windows 10 Preview, but just five days after the release, the company decided to pull the update due to a huge amount of complaints from users, who say that this update causes BSODs for no particular reason, which makes it impossible to use Windows 10 Preview.

Microsoft Decided to Pull Windows 10 Preview Update KB3105208 Because of BSODs

Every build for Windows 10 Preview program released so far brought its own problems and bugs, but it was bearable, and users managed to find various fixes for these problems. But now, with the latest KB3105208 update for 10565 build of Windows 10 Preview (once again, this update is for Insiders only, so if you’re on RTM, you have nothing to worry about), we reached the point where it’s impossible to even use the computer for some users.

Of course, unsatisfied Insiders flooded Microsoft forums with reports of the issue. According to forums, people are getting BSODs out of nowhere, and some of them aren’t even able to run their computers. And since there’s no particular solution for this problem, and due to a huge amount of negative feedback, Microsoft decided pull this update.

Gabriel Aul, head of the Windows Insider program also confirmed that the troublesome update will be pulled: “KB was throttled to zero last night (no longer automatic) and now fully pulled,” he said.

Actually there’s a couple of things you can try. You can go to BIOS, disable secure boot feature, log in to your computer, uninstall the update, and then re-enable secure boot again. If that doesn’t work, you should use your recovery media to access System Restore, and bring your system to a ‘normal phase.’ Using recovery media and restoring the system is probably the best solution, because it will bring your system back to normal, and since the update has been pulled, Windows won’t install it again.

It’s probably the biggest problem brought with a single update so far, but you should keep in mind that it’s only for Windows 10 Preview, and that users of Windows 10 RTM receive only stable and tested updates. However, that’s what Windows 10 Preview is for, to let users test all new features and builds and help Microsoft to deliver as stable updates as possible.

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