Windows 10 KB3211320 breaks Edge, messes up dual monitors, and deletes shortcuts

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The mystery around the enigmatic Windows 10 KB3211320 has finally been removed: This update brings stability improvements for the Windows 10 Version 1607 servicing stack and doesn’t include any critical Edge security patches as many users first thought.

It is worth mentioning that KB3211320 doesn’t come with an uninstall button, which means the update is here to stay. This is rather a bad piece of news for all the Windows users who have been experiencing various issues after installing it. To give you an idea about these bugs, we’ll list them in this article.

Windows 10 KB3211320 reported issues

Keyboard issues

It appears that KB3211320 limits keyboard usage on particular browsers and websites. More specifically,  Chrome users may notice that their keyboards become unresponsive from time to time.

Weird. After this update was applied, my keyboard wouldn’t work properly using Chrome on twitter. Seemed to work fine every other website and app. Backed out update and everything is normal again.

No internet access through Edge

Some users also report that internet access is unavailable through Microsoft Edge, although this issue doesn’t occur on other browsers.

Can’t access internet through EDGE (Fortunately have GoogleChrome and it allows access). […] A few minutes ago I restarted (re-booted) the PC and Microsoft EDGE now works! Hopefully everything else functions as well.

Office is unstable

Update KB3211320 also appears to make the Office Pack unstable, forcing users to re-register Microsoft Office and breaking Microsoft Excel.

Last night (20170124) Windows 10 indicated updates needed to be scheduled. […]
In these first few minutes these are the problems discovered so far:
1. Had to re-register Microsoft Office. […]
3. Excel doesn’t seem stable, as locked up a few times in the last hour.

Once again Microsoft is not fully testing the updates it pushes, then waits for feedback from the users Microsoft tortures. I expect there will be another update in the future to correct the update just completed.

App shortcuts are gone

Other Windows 10 users report that this update removes app shortcuts from the Start Menu.

This update deleted my whole taskbar and start menu config, now I have to add again all my 30 apps shortcuts to the start menu.

No signal on the second monitor

It appears that KB3211320 breaks dual monitor systems, leaving the second monitor unable to detect a signal. Users confirm that the Windows splash screen shows on the monitor, but there’s no image.

When I got to work this morning my second monitor had no display.  So I rebooted, the splash screen showed up on my second monitor (Screen#1), then it moved over to Screen #2.  When I logged in everything appeared on Screen#2.  Screen#1 says no signal.  I checked all the connections, foolishly because the Windows splash screen showed up on that monitor meaning it is connected.

As you can see, update KB3211320 brings some annoying issues of its own. Have you already installed it on your Windows 10 computer? Tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.


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Idiot Microsoft once again gets the Dipshit Award for another winning OS. Win 10 screws up the second monitor by 1) using remote desktop. Resolution is either way wrong, or way OUT OF FOCUS on the 2nd monitor! 2) When using a dual monitor extended desktop config with my notebook, and using a monitor on the left and a monitor on the right in separate locations, idiot Win 10 ALWAYS PUTS THE DESKTOP ICONS ON THE SIDE THAT THE PREVIOUS RUNNING SYSTEM HAD THEM ON regardless of the fact that the LAPTOP IS ALWAYS THE “PRIMARY” MONITOR! (Do they actually have ANY engineers there who USE the idiot operating systems that they force on the public???) It does not remember that these are two unique monitors from unique manufacturers and does not seem to have a profile for them anymore like in Win 7 and Win 8!!!! Yay Microsoft for again stealing my time to solve your bugs! You owe me about 2000+ Tech Support hours for again solving your bugs, ever since Win NT 3.0 didn’t work as promised!

I did not get this update installed until march 7th.Since then my computer is slower and downloads of files take 3 attempts, windows take longer to load.
Not at all happy.

Experienced the following issues after the update:

– Dual monitor display stopped working. The secondary monitor is no longer being detected.
– The Function key to disable to touchpad no longer works, but all other function keys work
– The following error message now occurs … “Cannot open Windows 10 Settings – immersiveControlPanel repair/rebuild”

I’ve disabled future installation of updates from Microsoft.

Windows 10 has been great to date. However it seems like we’re back to the same ‘half baked’ outputs from Microsoft.

After this update, several applications won’t work like VMware, all Microsoft office apps, ccleaner and a ton of other apps. edge works but I can only connect to my home Wi-Fi which I was using when I did the update. went to work & it refused connecting to my office wireless but now I’m home and connected though aforementioned apps not working.

We have confirmed this update also breaks Windows Explorer’s long file names on mapped network drives. Even if you enable the w32 long file name option, windows explorer will simply crash while using Quick Access to search for long file names over or around 260 characters or simply being in those folders and sorting the column by date modified.

I cannot say for sure that it is the cause, but KB3211320 installed on my Dell Inspiron 570 Win 10 Pro X64 on Jan 25, and since that time, I have had bugcheck reboots (Event IDs 1001, 6008) on the following days: Jan 26, 27, 28, 31*, Feb 2**, 3, 4, 6***, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. ( * I was away and did not log on after Jan 28 until late on Jan 30. ** I was sick Jan 31 – Feb 1 and may not have logged in, don’t remember. *** I ran MS Verifier on Feb 3 and it made my system unbootable until I repaired it on Feb 5. ) It’s complicated by the fact that I also had bugcheck reboots on Jan 19 and 22, prior to installing KB3211320. The previous one before that was in October and no other bugcheck events remain in my Event Log which goes back to Sept 22. The prior Windows Update was Cumulative Update KB3213986 on Jan 10. I found a labor-intensive way of uninstalling KB3211320 but don’t bother asking because Windows reinstalled it within hours and I got another bugcheck reboot the next morning. All reboots since Feb 8 have been at 5:00 a.m., plus or minus 15 minutes. There is no event log activity to indicate any particular app or service running at that time. I hate the Windows Update changes in Windows 10. I’ve had no other significant issues with Windows 10.

KB3211320 messed up both my PC and my laptop, can’t even go on the internet on my desktop. Can’t uninstall this update. I kind of want to reinstall windows but, since you can’t prevent updates what the point ? It would just update again and I would be in the same situation. it’s been 2 weeks KB3211320 is

I can no longer connect to the internet from my Dell Inspiron 570 desktop after this specific update KB3211320. I upgraded to Win 10 from Win 7 several months ago and i haven’t had any problems until this update. My Router is fine and I can use my laptop and phone acquiring signal from the router. I have tried 20 different things to get it fixed to no avail. You can’t uninstall it which is frustrating. I couldn’t go to a previous restore point because of a C drive error. So I ran check disk and repair and it still returned the same error when I tried to restore to an earlier restore point. I’ve tried everything I can find on the internet to get it to work from flushing the dns to trying to remove and renew IP address, etc and there is always some problem. I’m a novice at best. Does Microsoft have to pay the expenses you incur from having to get your PC fixed caused by their shotty updates? I’m going to have to take mine to a shop to get it fixed and hopefully they don’t have to reinstall everything and may end up losing some.

I have 2 Windows computers, an old HP laptop and a Chillblast desktop. After KB3211320 I had mouse problems with the Chillblast – ‘create new folder’ creating any number of folders from 1 to 5, pasting something would paste the same thing multiple times… but worst of all, my laptop has lost wi-fi and all attempts to system repair it result in messages about a missing ethernet cable. I was planning to replace my laptop with a Surface Pro but the catalogue of problems I’ve endured with Windows 10 are pushing me to Apple, despite their ridiculous prices. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

This update broke my Lenovo X1, stopping me from switching focus between applications by using the icons in the status bar. Switching from one app to another changed which icon had the highlight, but didn’t bring the selected icon to the fore. The only way to get from one app to another reliably was to minimise everything, and bring up the one I wanted. Removing the update seems to have completely fixed the PC.

Since the update, printing produces the following

PCL XL Error
Subsystem: KERNEL
Error: IllegalOperatorSequence
File Name: kernel.c
Line Number: 1822

I have used HP’s Support Assistant and uninstalled and reinstalled the printer driver (several times now). No change other than I no longer get the error message, just a blank page. The test page it tries to print at the end of the installation gives the start of what might be a graphic, but the rest of the page is blank.

I have been using USB, but I have also tried connecting it to the network hub via Ethernet: it installed correctly, but got the same (wrong) test page.

I have tried disabling Kaspersky (just the firewall but also shutting it down completely) and quitting Malwarebytes which I also have installed – this upgraded to a completely new version the day before yesterday (I think) so it was a suspect.

Could this be another issue caused by KB3211320?

Further to that, I was able to print on the printer when connected from my laptop, so I knew the printer was OK. I’ve just realised that the laptop installed the KB3211320 update last night but it still prints OK, so the problem on my PC may not have been caused by the update.

Win 10 update KB3211320 causes Win 10 Pro to lose communication with a router – hence no networking, LAN or Internet. The only way out, since the update cannot be uninstalled, is System Restore, then immediately click the ‘Defer’ checkbox in Settings > Update & Security > Advance Options. Troubleshooting (via Control Panel) the Internet connection does not resolve the issue.

Microsoft, true to form, appear to have released this update untested. One would hope this update gets reissued or patched.

Is there any fix for the monitors not properly being displayed? I use a dual monitor set up and my screens only duplicate and there’s no option to even change it.

Yes. All of a sudden my PC won’t recognize a blank cd. It does dvd. Just not cd’s. I’m trying to burn. It says my blank cd is full. I have 2 identical computers & it’s on both of them. What is this solution? I mean if I can burn a cd, I don’t want the damn thing. 2 brand new Lenovo laptops less than 3 months old.

?? How is this resolved?

Why can’t I uninstall it?

Since this update was installed, I have no internet access on Edge or Firefox and Chrome keeps freezing. I have a Dell Monitor attached to my PC which once detached improved things but this was short lived and now Chrome keeps freezing again. I need Help!!