Windows 10 KB3213986 issues: Download stuck, battery not detected, and more

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Microsoft recently rolled out Windows 10 cumulative update KB3213986, deploying a series of quality improvements and bug fixes that improve overall OS stability and reliability. The update also bumps the operating system’s version number to build 14393.693.

Update KB3213986 improves the reliability of Groove Music playback in the background, fixes the issue where only one input device works when users connect two similar input devices to their computers, as well as many Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Windows Update, and facial recognition bugs.

As with almost every new update, KB3213986 also brings issues of its own. The good news is that the number of KB3213986-related issues is quite low, with only a few handful of bugs reported by Windows 10 users.

Windows 10 KB3213986 reported issues

KB3213986 download gets stuck

The classic download and install issues also affect Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 cumulative update. Users report that KB3213986’s download progress gets stuck at certain percentages for hours on end. It appears that patience is a virtue on Patch Tuesday: The update will eventually install, but the whole download and install process may last for more than three hours for some users.

Since I started the Windows update about 2 hours ago, to download today’s January 2017 patch Tuesday updates to my computer, the progress has been stuck on KB3213986 at 78% for almost 2 hours now

KB3213986 won’t detect battery

Windows 10 users also report that KB3213986 won’t detect battery. When users unplug the laptop, the OS displays a message informing them that the battery’s remaining time is unknown.

So I updated today Windows 10 (KB3213986), and now my battery either displays an empty Icon saying “Unknown remaining” or “No battery is detected”. BIOS is up to date as well. Anyone else has this issue? Any idea how to solve it?
The battery still works when the laptop is unplugged but it shows the “unknown remaining”.

Apps are full-screen

Update KB3213986 resets the system into tablet mode. As a result, all apps appear full-screen, leaving users unable to adjust app window size using regular methods. To fix this issues, simply disable tablet mode and everything should be back to normal.

I have just installed updates, above is my info. I have a problem that everything, mail, games apps etc are all full screen size. No option top right to reduce.  How can I get these to adjust app size?

As you can see, KB3213986 is a stable update and doesn’t cause major issues on Windows 10 computers. If you’ve come across other bugs, tell us more about your experience in the comment section below.


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Avatar Yavor

When I use MDT OSD and add this to patch to be injected with dism I get this error after OS is applyed:
“failure ( 5615 ) false boot drive was not found required”
When I remove it it works fine.

Avatar Brian Plutschack

Every update I have issues. While installing the update I can make it to almost 80% complete and then I see the circle of dots. I have waited almost 2 days before restarting my computer. It usually trys to restart the update a couple of times before it recovers the old version. I have had to try this several times before it finally works

Avatar Meg meyer

This update killed two different lenovo laptops. One Flex, and one Ideapad (i can’t remember the exact model)

This sucks! I want my laptop back!

Avatar AltAcount F4

Yea this update killed my wifi… help I’m using at&t wifi with an Edimax. Ac1200. With typical out of the box drivers that I have reinstalled. That didn’t work. My windows isn’t verified but that shouldn’t have caused any problems and I know it’s not my internet because my other Desktop (through direct connection) has its internet work fine

Avatar Jprimate

Edge keeps returning to home page by itself after trying to browse to new site and Outlook keeps jumping back to Inbox after selecting a different folder

Avatar Elothsis

Download and install with no problem, but i have problem with configuration. The configuration “Configuration system 100%, please don’t turn off computer” stuck for few hours. Restart doesn’t work because the configuration damaged windows bootloader. Only solution is restore system to previous point, but this update download again and install again with same problem. This is happened four times, is there any solution how don’t install this update? Thanks for answer.

Avatar born2expire

Same problem on MUTIPLE machines, looking for a fix brought me here.

Avatar Scarilian

Connectivity issues

Avatar britanicu

bluetooth menu disappeared after this update

Avatar Saildog

USB ports are not working – were prior to the update

Avatar naga

My update never completes. I have tried it 3 times. It always says that Windows was unable to update and is now reverting back. I was once logged into a temporary User and thought that windows deleted my files. But restart fixed that. I have no solution left.

Avatar mugglearchitect

start, cortana, notifications panel are not working

Avatar mugglearchitect

pls help

Avatar Andrei

My laptop is fine after the update.