Windows 10 KB4013429 issues: install fails, broken VPN connections, and more

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It’s Patch Tuesday all over again and Microsoft prepared plenty of updates for Windows 10 users. Perhaps the most interesting update from the set is cumulative update KB4013429 for the latest version of Windows 10 (1607).

The update is mainly focused on improving known issues and bugs in the system, so installing this update will make your computer more stable and reliable — if you can, that is.

As with other updates, some users have experienced issues while trying to install cumulative update KB4013429 according to forum posts. Reportedly, installations become stuck and error code 0x80073701 appears. Here’s what one user said about the problem:

Having aa annoying trouble installing KB4013429 update on MSI AIO 27 6QE with 2 SSD in raid0, after downloading ends, starts preparing to install update process and it constantly stacks at 55% ending after couple of minutes in  error code 0x80073701. Windows update fixing tool and disabling of Norton antivirus did not help; restarting in the safe mode won’t allow me to load Windows update screen.

As you can see, performing basic workarounds like disabling the antivirus doesn’t help. As no one from Microsoft has officially acknowledged the issues, people experiencing this flaw don’t know what to do.

We can recommend running the WUReset script, which automatically performs some of the most common workarounds for update issues in Windows 10. However, we cannot guarantee it will work.

In case you figure out a proper solution for this issue, please let us know in the comments below. We’re sure users experiencing this problem will be thankful.

Unfortunately, this is not the only KB4013429 bug reported by users.  Some users report that File Explorer won’t work after installing the latest Windows 10 update. More specifically, the tool closes down a few seconds after users have launched it.

Just installed Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB4013429)
Now File Explorer will not work. It closes down by itself and I cannot access any of my files. OMG I HATE UPDATES.

It also appears that KB4013429 breaks VPN connections. According to user reports, the VPN won’t connect to Internet. Although the tool confirm that the connection has actually been established, websites do not load in any browser.

After Windows 10 Update KB4013429 on 3/14/17 VPN does not connect to Internet. I use Cisco Anyconnect version 3.1.05160. Once it connects, there is no internet connection – websites do not load in any browser. This was working properly prior to the update.

The list of issues doesn’t end here. It appears that apps using directshow often crash after installing KB4013429. Here’s how one user describes this issue:

We just had 2 customers calling because one of our programs is crashing when trying to play .mp4 files. They both updated windows yesterday night.
After investigating, this is the filter responsible:
Microsoft DTV-DVD Video Decoder
Using GraphStudioNext and trying to render any .mp4 file with logging enabled shows that this filter is the last one directshow tries to automatically load before crashing.
Even trying to manually add that filter to an empty graph makes the program crash.
Renaming that file to something else avoids the crash.

Windows 10 users also report that sometimes the Windows Start menu won’t display any apps. Fortunately, this problem can be partially fixed by uninstalling KB4013429.

I installed March 14, 2017—KB4013429 (OS Build 14393.953) and KB4013418 after reboot I was unable to view apps in Windows start menu. I was able to uninstall KB4013429 and after reboot, I was able to view app in the start menu but they were all labeled as new and non of the tiles appeared and system icon did not appear at the lower bottom left of start menu.

These are the most common issues caused by KB4013429. If you’ve encountered other issues that we did not list in this article, use the comment section below to tell us more about your experience.


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After the update installed, I discovered I cannot copy and paste certain files from one folder to another in the File Explorer. I uninstalled KB4013429 and the file Explorer went back to normal but Microsoft immediately reinstalled the update.

ah yet another update i have to hide since microsoft cant do right oh well sometimes i wonder how many updates i have to hide before they can get their things togther

I use Arcsoft Total Media Studio to burn blu-ray discs. After installing KB4013429, the program crashes when loading a saved project file or when adding video to a new project. I uninstalled the update and it worked again. Unfortunately, Windows keeps installing the update. Is there anyway to stop this update from installing?

KB4013429 auto installed last night now I can’t login system gives error message say try login again. 5 attempts still no luck so uninstalled update. All back and working.

Installed kb4013429, zandronum stopped working, whole system sluggish. Uninstalled, back to normal.
Get a grip, MS!

this kb4013429 update fails, even with a re-install setup (education version). One can hide this update with wushowhide.diagcab

Cumulatieve update Windows 10 Version 1607 voor x64-systemen (KB4013429) error – 0x80070490
It won’t install, never had issues with updates till this one showed up. Annoying. How can I skip this update? Cause it’s trying again and again and again every day….
Machine: HP Elitebook 2540p

My PC automatically loaded KB4013429 last night (15th March 2107) – Windows 10 Pro – 64 bit and afterwards programme Terratec Home Cinema v 6.25.6 which I use with a Cinergy HTC USB XS stopped working. I removed KB4013429 and everything worked again. Could you advise what I should do to rectify the problem if KB4013429 is loaded again.