Windows 10 Lets you Download Maps for Offline Use, Big Leap from Windows 8.1

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Windows 10 could add the long awaited feature of offline maps to desktop use. According to Neowin, a recent build of Windows 10 already incorporates this feature, thus making the transition from Windows phone to desktop use.
Windows 10 Download Maps offline
Apparently, Windows 10 could have a feature that allows you to download maps from all over the world for later offline use. Neowin has tested this feature of a preview Windows 10 version and it crashed several times, but this is no reason to worry since this version has been build for testing purposes.

Having access to maps from a phone can make the difference between between being late and arriving on time at an important meeting. But what do you do if your device suddenly loses signal? Access to offline maps from a Windows tablet, for example, in our situation, could get you out of trouble.

After seeing how cheap the new Microsoft tablets are, having access to offline maps on your tablet is definitely more practical than using you phone for the same purpose. Windows 8 and neither 8.1 didn’t have this feature, so it’s a big step forward for Microsoft, bringing tools that have been exclusive to mobile devices for far too long.

As we all know, images consume large bandwidths, so if you have a limited internet connection, why waste it on downloading maps? And if for some unknown reason, you cannot connect to the Internet, but you are in desperate need for a map, this new feature can solve your problem.

This new feature that allows you to save maps for offline use is another step forward towards the unification of all Microsoft platforms. As stated before, this feature was already available on Windows phones, and it appears that Microsoft is using their other platforms in order to improve their desktop platform.

As you can see from the screenshots, you can also delete all the maps you have downloaded and you will still be able to use them but only in online mode. And just like for any other feature, map updates will be available as well. Whenever new map data is available, the system will automatically inform you.

There are already some GPS apps for Windows devices that you can use, but many are still condemning the absence of the official Google Maps app on the Windows Store. But if this new feature will be indeed as good as it seems to, then we will be able to use the default tool without having to resort to third-party solutions.

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