Build 2016: Microsoft to bring Live Tiles improvements to Windows 10

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If you’re a Windows 10 user you’re probably familiar with Live Tiles, the feature the OS uses to display important information from Universal apps. Unfortunately, displaying information is their only function so far. Judging by the latest news, though, it seems Microsoft has plans to enhance Live Tiles with some highly requested features.

Microsoft plans Live Tiles improvements

Live Tiles are useful if you want to glance at your emails, to-do list, or calendar entries. Unfortunately, certain applications don’t utilize Live Tiles’ ability to display information to the user, instead using Live Tiles as just a shortcut. This is one of the major reasons why users have been asking for more interactive Live Tiles and now it seems Microsoft might actually address these requests, tapping into the vast potential the feature really has

In just a few days, Build 2016 will take place in San Francisco. Many expect to see new Windows 10 features announced, with one of the most anticipated features being Interactive Live Tiles. Fortunately for all eager users, Microsoft plans to conduct a session called ‘What’s New for Tiles and Toast Notifications’ during this year’s Build conference. According to Microsoft, there will be a new API made available to give an array of new apps access to Notification features, providing users with more innovative experience. The new API will give developers increased flexibility while creating Adaptive Toasts, so we expect to see some creative solutions in the future.

Microsoft stated that Live Tiles are evolving and that we should see two highly-requested features soon enough. Unfortunately, Interactive Live Tiles haven’t been confirmed yet, but we’re keeping our hopes up to see its announcement during this year’s Build.



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