Update Windows 10 Mail and Calendar to enable dark mode

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Windows 10 Mail and Calendar dark mode

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Dark mode support is trending right now. After experiencing the dark mode in Firefox and File Explorer, users can now experience dark mode on their Windows Mail and Calendar app as well.

According to the latest news from the Windows platform, dark mode is soon to roll out to all Windows Mail and Calendar app users. In a new rolling out Windows 10 update version 16005.11231.20142.0, Windows calendar and mail app‘s body and interface will be upgraded to a darker tone.

We have been hearing about this dark mode update since the onset of 2019. The company had started testing this dark mode last month but now it is ready to rock on your screens. Release preview ring users can already try out the new feature.

Mail and Calendar app comes with a default light mode. After this new Windows 10 update, the app will be upgraded to a dark tone. The update will render everything darker including the mail interface, message body and compose box.

Windows 10 Mail and Calendar dark mode reduces eye strain

Besides being elegant in appearance, dark mode is in fashion because of various other benefits. Unlike the bright screen, it is less staining to eyes especially to those who work in a dim environment. In addition, dark mode also enhances text readability, decreases eye fatigue, gives better contrast and contain less blue light.

However, it is not obligatory for every Windows 10 user to upgrade to dark mode. Don’t worry if you love your old light interface. You can switch to the lighter interface by clicking on the sunshine icon that is located at the top of the screen or just toggle between the dark and light mode.

As stated before, this update is only available on Release preview ring. It will be soon available to you on the Microsoft Store and you will be able to download the upgraded apps from there.

Microsoft keeps on introducing new interesting changes to its Windows platform.

Let us know in comments below whether you will upgrade to the new dark mode or retain the lighter tone across your screen.



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