Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app gets improved dark mode

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Microsoft aims to offer the same dark mode across the entire application ecosystem in order to achieve consistency. The update will soon be rolled out to Windows 10 Mail and Calendar (composer and the message body).

Apart from the application of the dark mode on a wider scale, Microsofts plans to include some extra features as well. Users will now be able to toggle between two different appearances very easily. It is going to be convenient for them to switch between the dark and light themes using a toggle button. The button will be available at the top of the screen alongside with other actions. However, a significant amount of time is required to implement these improvements.

The dark theme improvements are going to be released for Mail and Calendar app very soon. This update will enable more elements of the interface to appear in darker tones both in the message body and composer. The update will offer a seamless experience to the users while navigating between the list of emails to your appointment calendar.

How to enable the dark theme in Windows 10 apps?

Microsoft has made it convenient for novice users to enable the dark theme in Windows 10 apps. Following these simple steps will enable the dark mode for them.

  • You just need to navigate to Settings > Personalization > Colours
  • Here you will have to look for the bubble beside “Dark” that is available under the “Choose your app mode” and select it.default app mode

The update will soon be rolled out for all the users after beta testing. Currently, just the Insiders in the Fast ring have access to the new improvements. Microsoft has made the dark theme available for all parts of File Explorer with the recent October 2018 Update.

It seems like the dark theme is expected to be implemented across the platform in the future versions of  Windows 10. After the implementation of these changes, the app will have a look similar to that of the

It is expected that a light theme will also be introduced together with the Windows 10 version 1903 that is going to be released in April 2019. All the key components including Taskbar, flyouts, Start menu and the Action Center are going to have a lighter theme this year.



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