Microsoft revamps the Maps app for Windows 10 with build 14291

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One of Microsoft’s employees dished on Microsofts’ plans to update its Windows Maps app on Reddit recently. And even though he didn’t say when the update would arrive, we assume it will be introduced with the new Windows 10 Preview build — an assumption that has come true.

Microsoft just pushed a new update for Windows Maps along with the latest build 14291 build for Insider Preview. The update mainly improves Cortana integration and other features of the app, like turn-by-turn directions for driving mode, just like Dave_MSFT said in his Reddit post

Here’s the full changelog of the latest update for Windows Maps:

  • One-tap access to search and directions from anywhere, even on your phone. This is great especially for one-handed use.
  • You can view multiple searches and directions at the same time, on the same map as they are layered on top of each other and you can use tabs or the map to switch between them.
  • You can now minimize search results, directions, and location info to enjoy more of the map, while keeping them in easy reach.
  • You can see labels for your search results directly on the map. No more numbers to match between the map and the list.
  • Cortana will give you turn-by-turn directions (if Cortana is enabled).
  • We have improved the logic for nearby searches so you should see better (closer) results.
  • We have added the ability to search for your favorite city in the 3D cities list so no more scrolling forever to get to the city you want.
  • You can now access your favorites offline and add notes to them.
  • We have updated the turn-by-turn design to improve glanceability and landscape layout.

The update is currently available to Insiders only and there’s no indication when it will become available to regular users, yet. If you installed the latest Preview build, the update should be installed on your computer automatically.

Windows Maps is now Windows 10’s main navigation service

With the HERE Maps saga on Windows 10 is finally over, HERE Maps won’t be available on Microsoft’s platform anymore, making Windows Maps the primary navigation service on both Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Since a lot of users preferred HERE Maps over Microsoft’s app, it is reasonable for Microsoft to try to improve its service as much as possible to give users a worthy replacement for their dead mapping service. It is good that Redmond reacted with the new update immediately after HERE Maps was discontinued, and we should expect even more updates to come in the near future.

HERE Maps will stop working on your Windows 10 device on March 29th. You should probably uninstall the app from your device and install Microsoft’s app instead to try it out.


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