Anniversary Update now runs on 91% of Windows 10 PCs, says AdDuplex

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AdDuplex released its stats for Windows devices in the month of March 2017, and figures seem promising for Windows 10. The Anniversary Update now runs on approximately 91% of all Windows 10 computers, thanks in large part to Microsoft’s aggressive update push.

The latest stats show impressive numbers for the operating system, with the Creators Update now running on nearly 1% of PCs on the market even before its official release next month.

When it comes to the hardware, HP and Dell remain the top choices for consumers along with other PC market titans including Microsoft, Lenovo, and Samsung. According to AdDuplex, though, not much has changed since.

In terms of OEM popularity by country, AdDuplex says HP and Dell are the leading companies in five countries thanks to their combination of high, low, and midrange PCs. On the other hand, Microsoft is trailing in the top 10 in countries like the U.S., U.K., and Germany as they offer only high-end computers.

The stats also offer a glimpse of the uptake of Microsft’s PCs in the U.S.:

Surface Pro 4 is still number one in the US, but with a smaller lead than worldwide. Surface Book is slightly more popular in the US as well – 7.5% vs. 6.3% worldwide.

Furthermore, the Surface Pro 3 and 4 account for a majority of the Surface devices in use with a more than 60% combined market share. In particular, the Pro 3 takes up 27% of Surface users and the Pro 4 accounts for 34%. Meanwhile, the Surface Studio represents only 0.3% of the market due to its hefty price tag and limited availability. The Surface Book, on the other hand, takes up 7.5% of the market. AdDuplex says the report is based on data gathered from around 5,000 Windows phone apps running AdDuplex SDK v.2 (and higher). It will be interesting to see how the Creators Update fares once it is released.



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