Maybe you shouldn’t install Windows 10 May Update, after all

by Madalina Dinita
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Windows 10 May Update bugs

Microsoft started rolling out the Windows 10 May 2019 Update a few days ago adding a long list of new features and improvements to the table.

Some of the most important include a brand new light theme, a powerful sandbox tool to keep your system safe, a health dashboard, and more.

Microsoft tried its best to build a bug-free OS. Unfortunately, judging by users’ reports, it seems this update brings quite a few issues of its own.

Windows 10 v1903 reported issues

One user reported that his laptop is totally broken after the update. He said that Chrome is not working and often freezes completely.

Moreover, the login process is taking longer than before. The OP also added that although he is using 8GB RAM and the latest GPU driver version, text is not displayed properly and some special characters are rendered as squares.

The OP said that he had to roll back to to previous update (1809) because the May Update was not working properly.

After upgrading to this update, it completely messed up my laptop. The texts don’t appear in desktop apps or appear randomly (My PC Properties, Control Panel – guess the name, My PC), Chinese/Japanese characters are rendered as “squares”. Have to use Edge like this because Chrome is unresponsive and frozen (haven’t tried Firefox though). Besides, the login process is taking longer than usual (sometimes I have to wait for over 5 mins). I have latest GPU driver version, 8GB of RAM. Anyone has the same problem like me?

Most likely, the May 2019 Update is so buggy because it is in the first stage of release. Let us not forget that Microsoft pushed the update only a few days ago.

We all know that Microsoft will roll out a series of new cumulative updates to fix the initial bugs. We’re sure it’s only a matter of time until the company fixes the majority of these bugs.

Here are some potential fixes

An Independent Advisor suggested some steps that might be useful in fixing all these problems. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Press the Windows key +keyboard shortcut.
  2. Select the Command Prompt.
  3. In Command Prompt, type the sfc/scannow command run Sfc scannow command - Windows update fix
  4. Then press Enter and your scan is completed.

After following these steps, you will receive different messages that should confirm the problem has been fixed.

As you can see, it’s best to install the May Update a few days or even weeks after the initial release. In this manner, Microsoft has enough time to patch the bugs reported by early adopters.

Over to you now: Have you installed the Windows 10 May 2019 Update on your PC? Did you encounter any issues during the install process or afterwards?

Do tell us more about your upgrade experience in the comments below.


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