Windows Defender can’t scan multiple files in Windows 10 v1903

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Users reported on Reddit that Windows 10 v1903 disabled Windows Defender real-time protection. This is often the case when you installed another antivirus solution on your computer.

For example, one user said the following:

It seems with this update, if you have another antivirus, Windows Defender’s real-time protection is disabled/grayed out since “You’re using other antivirus providers.” is there. Does anyone know how to at least bring the Windows Context menu back so you can easily scan a single (or multiple) files with Windows Defender as an option?

Why Windows Defender’s real-time protection is off on Windows 10 v1903?

It seems that the recent update is removing by default Windows Defender real-time protection and no one knows exactly why.

In many cases, if users installed additional antivirus tools, they will receive an alert in which it is mentioned there is a conflict between the programs that serve the same purpose.

It is possible that this is the case here. Probably, Windows 10 v1903 changed something to Windows Defender that made it behave more like a third party antivirus.

Normally, Windows 10 v1903 should keep your access to Windows Defender as easy as possible. We all know that this is one of the most useful Windows tools.

Otherwise, people will tend to use a third party antivirus software rather than Windows Defender.

As the Redditor who first posted on the forum said, users should be able to use Windows Defender to scan their files whenever they need to. After all, it is in Microsoft’s best interest to promote its own software.

Do you use Windows Defender real-time protection to scan your files? Of you prefer to use a third-party antivirus software on Windows 10 v1903. Let us know in the comment section below.


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