Windows 10 v1903 fails to migrate app data from previous OS version

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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Can't update to Windows 10 v1809/v1903 due to migration error

Every Windows 10 user wants to enjoy the latest features of the OS and Microsoft makes sure that new  updates are constantly available. But what if you can’t update your system because of a weird error that you don’t understand?

It looks like someone is already in that situation:

MigrationAbortedDueToPluginFailure – upgrade to 1809 always fails. I’m trying to upgrade my Windows 10 from 1803 to 1809. Using setupdiag.exe this error gets reported consistently. No one at MS is able to actually tell me what causes this error or how to fix it

No one has a clear answer or a solution to fix this problem yet, but there are a couple of workarounds that are being tested.

Windows 10 May Update is plagued by install issues

Every update that Microsoft released had its ups and downs, but it seems like Windows 10 v1809 and v1903 have a bunch of unresolved issues that create a lot of confusion.

Usually, you can update your system pretty easily: a couple of clicks here, maybe a download there… and that’s it, you’re good to go.

In the unusual case that you can’t update, you might be dealing with a migration problem, as an independent advisor from MS confirms:

The error is related to an impossibility to migrate your apps data

This means that your current apps can’t be transferred to the new, updated system because they are incompatible with it. Therefore, Windows is preventing the update install to keep your app data safe.

Can I somehow solve the migration error?

A possible solution is to update all your apps, especially the default ones that came preinstalled on your Windows 10 OS. After that, the data conflict may disappear and the update should take place as intended.

Another possible solution is to perform a disk cleanup. This will delete any unnecessary files from your system, without affecting your personal files or the functionality.

We have to mention that these solutions are unconfirmed, but they may work for you. A solution that will most certainly get the job done is to wipe your PC and clean install Windows 10.

Have you encountered the migration error while updating to Windows 10 v1809/v1903? If so, how did you dealt with it? Leave the answer in the comments section below along with any other questions.

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