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Microsoft announced in October of last year that the company would officially release the Creators Update for Windows 10 in April 2017. Since then, the software giant has been hard at work in improving the operating system prior to the massive update this fall. Some of the significant features coming to the Creators Update include a Game Mode, Edge improvement, 3D support, and new Cortana features.

However, Microsoft has also taken away a slew of features as much as it has added new ones. Microsoft removed or altered 11 features in the Windows 10 Creators Update, including the Interactive Service Detection, Flash Autorun, Paint Extended Language, Windows Server Update Services for Windows Mobile, and the Next Protocol Negotiation support.

Removed features

These are the features that Microsoft removed From the Windows 10 Creators Update:

  • Flash autorun in Edge Microsoft has replaced Flash autorun with the Click-to-Run option. The feature is turned off by default in Edge. However, users can still change this setting.
  • Microsoft Paint for languages not on the full localization list. Microsoft Paint has removed support for languages that are not found on the localization list.
  • Interactive Service Detection Service This feature detects a service that tries to interact with the desktop. The Interactive Services Detection tool handles this service and displays a blinking button on the taskbar.
  • NPN support in TLS. The software giant will replace the Next Protocol Negotiation with Application Protocol Level Navigation as the new default for TLS support.
  • WSUS for Windows Mobile. Microsoft moved the Windows Server Update Services for Windows 10 Mobile to the new Unified Update Platform.
  • Windows Information Protection “AllowUserDecryption” policy .Microsoft has also dropped this policy setting from the EnterpriseDataProtection configuration service provider.

Deprecated features

Additionally, Microsoft also altered the following features in the Creators Update:

  • Apndatabase.xml Microsoft is replacing this feature with the COSA database. That means the Hardware ID, incoming SMS messaging rules, autoconnect order, APN parser, and CDMAProvider ID will no longer work in the Creators Update.
  • Reading List This feature allows you to save articles for offline reading, though it won’t be enabled by default once the Creators Update launches.
  • Apps Corner Microsoft is ditching this feature which lets Windows phone owners set up a Start screen for guest users.
  • TLS DHE_DSS The Creators Update will disable these ciphers by default.
  • Tile Data Layer This feature works to record the default apps, programs, and tiles for the Start menu.
  • IPsec task offload The feature shifts resource intensive tasks to the network adapter in order to minimize the CPU load.
  • TCPChimney The feature aids in the transfer of workload to a network adapter from the CPU during network data transfer.

Does Microsoft’s removal of some features from the Creators Update surprise you? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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