Windows 10 Mobile Won’t Install on Devices with Less Than 8GB of Storage

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Windows 10 Mobile will be released this fall, and users of Windows Phone 8.1 devices are looking forward to it. But, unfortunately, it looks like not all users of WP 8.1 phones will get the upgrade. Reportedly, Microsoft doesn’t plan to deliver Windows 10 Mobile to the devices with less than 8GB  of internal memory.
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We found this piece of information on the German version of the Windows 10 Mobile website. The site clearly points to the fact that only Windows smartphones with at least 8GB of internal space will get the upgrade to Microsoft’s upcoming operating system for handsets. But, only the German version of the site states this, as such information can’t be found on the other country-specific version of the site.

Although it’s very disappointing for users of 4GB Windows smartphones, it’s not surprising at all, because Windows phones with 4GB of internal storage weren’t even included in the Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview from the beginning of the program, and it’s very unlikely that will change.

Microsoft still didn’t reveal any official announcements about this, but it’s very likely that the company itself will confirm this information in the future. So, users of 4GB smartphones will have to get a new Windows Phone device with at least 8GB of internal memory, if they want to use Windows 10 Mobile.

But on the other hand, the majority of newer Windows Phone devices comes with at least 8GB of space, as there are only a few phones on the market with 4GB, including phones such as Nokia Lumia 530, the Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3, the HTC One 8S, the Blu Win JR, and the Karbonn Titanium Wind W4.

According to statistics and analyses, these models (including the Nokia Lumia 530, which was very popular smartphone at some point) only represent a small part of total Microsoft’s Windows Phone share, and exclusion from the Windows 10 Mobile plan will probably force users of these device to change them for newer ones.

What do you think about this Microsoft’s decision? Are you using a Windows Phone device with only 4GB of internal storage space? And if you do, will you change your current handset to get Windows 10 Mobile? Tell us your thought in the comments section, below.

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