Windows 10 Mobile Bugs that Need to be Fixed Before the Final Version

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There are plenty of bugs in Windows 10 Mobile, that’s for sure, and one users has decided to club them all together. We’ve decided to do the same thing and we invite you to add the issue you’ve encountered.
windows 10 mobile bugsUsers PaoloCardelli from the Microsoft support forums has come up with a roundup with some of the most annoying bugs and issues experienced so far in preview versions of Windows 10 Mobile.

We thought the idea was great and decided to extend its use and invite you all to add your own issue as a comment, just in case a Microsoft representative will take these into account. Here’s what Paolo has found so far:

Windows 10 Mobile bugs

  • Upgrading from WP8.1 takes a very long time, almost 2 hours before I logged in W10M Start Screen on my Lumia 920
  • Upgrading from WP8.1 generates a Start Screen bug where it took a very long time for it to load-up. “Resuming…” took an average of 20-30 seconds before Start Screen to load, even after quitting a simple app by pressing Home or Back button
  • Upgrading from 8.1 downgrade Firmware version from Denim to Cyan;
  • Lag, slowdowns, crashes and many bugs stayed even after 24 hours of the phone let alone doing its things, and settling down
  • Upgrading as a whole was a very painful process and the only solution for the problems above was in the end a hard-reset
  • Camera App: swipe from left to right to smoothly load Camera Roll photos is missing
  • Many animations are missing: for example opening Edge “Hubs” button, Edge “Tabs” button does not trigger any animation, and the next menu just appears like Windows 95. It happens many times with many OS menus, very ugly and a regression compared to WP8.1
  • Lock-Screen is very slow: it takes 4 second for Time and Date to appear, and many seconds to unlock to Start Screen
  • PIN Screen is visually very ugly compared to both Android/iOS, and should be totally re-done and polished
  • Many apps trigger “Loading” or “Resuming” black screen, while they never did on WP8.1 (for example: Facebook, Tubecast, Twitter, Mail, Calendar)
  • Action Center needs transparency like Windows 10 Desktop
  • Edge renders slowly and crashes on some webpages
  • Edge needs an AdBlocker or TPLs
  • Edge doesn’t have “Google” search engine option instead of Bing
  • Glance is not present in the “Extras” section. It can be opened from Store only
  • Glance shows time only, and partial date or notifications even if enabled fully
  • When clicking the Power button to wake the phone, there is bad flickering showing Start Screen for a brief second, and only after Lock Screen appears
  • Unlocking from Lock Screen still requires 3-4 seconds to show Start Screen (while on black screen + Resuming…)
  • HERE Transit isn’t available in store
  • Swiping to “All apps” list, and then back to Start Screen reload Background (along with refreshing and flickering tiles) and lags
  • Live Tiles often flickers and/or not update themselves
  • Swiping down the Action Center has a lag/delay of 2-3 seconds before it shows itself
  • Calendar Live Tile doesn’t update itself
  • SMS app is very slow to open
  • Live Tiles on Start Screen completely stop working after a lot of apps were used and multitasked
  • New Outlook app is slow to open, and hangs
  • LinkedIn is no more integrated in People App

Phew, this is quite the list, isn’t it? If you have some bug to add that isn’t here, please feel free to do leave your comment and we will add it to this already long list.

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