Roundup: Windows 10 build 14322 issues reported by Insiders

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Microsoft  released Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14322 for Windows Insiders in the Fast ring a couple of days ago. The new build brought some refreshing changes, mainly to the user experience of the OS, but as it’s usually the case, it also caused some problems to insiders who installed it.

Microsoft released the official list of known issues along with the announcement of build 14322, and judging by the number of marked issues, we can say that this build is relatively troublesome. Users already started to report some of the known issues, like the problem with downloading language packs or doubled apps.

However, there are many more issues than those Microsoft pointed out. Complaints flooded Microsoft forums over the weekend, reporting problems not included in Microsoft’s “Known Issues” list. So, let’s take a look at actual problems that bother users who installed the latest Windows 10 Mobile build.

Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview Build 14322 reported problems

  • Installation problems are common for PC versions of Windows 10 but apparently, Windows 10 Mobile is affected by this issue as well. One user reported on the Microsoft forums that he’s unable to install the update on Lumia 930.“Yesterday my Lumia 930 had downloaded build 14322 and was waiting for reboot. After reboot gears appeared to the screen and after 30 seconds sad face emoticon was displayed and phone booted again. Then process started all over again – gears, sad face, reboot.” Microsoft Support Engineers recommended using the Recovery Tool as the solution which proved to be successful. Try the same if you’ve also encountered this problem.
  • Insiders also reported that the latest build damaged some of Windows 10 Mobile’s built-in features. The list of reported issues includes problems with the camera, slow internet, Calendar issues, unresponsive keyboard, and more. Unfortunately, we don’t have a proper solution for these problems, so if it’s too annoying to use the build, maybe the best option is to roll back.
  • A lot of people also report various problems with SMS messages in build 14322. For some users, messages don’t sync well. For others, their phone crashes whenever a new message arrives. Microsoft Engineers suggested performing a Soft Reset, a solution which solved the problem for some people. However, we cannot guarantee that it will be successful for all users facing the problem with SMS messages in the latest build. To perform a Soft Reset, do the following: turn off your phone > press and hold the volume down + power buttons until your phone vibrates and restarts.
  • Bluetooth issues are common in Windows 10 Mobile builds, and it looks like build 14322 is not an exception. One user reported on the forums that he wasn’t able to use Bluetooth at all after installing the update. “I can activate Bluetooth in the Action Center but in the System Settings this Option is greyed out! No Connection is possible with any of my devices I connected before the update!” Unfortunately, Microsoft Engineers remained silent about this issue.
  • The last problem related to Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 14322 is a problem with DataSense, with one user reportingi that he’s unable to edit data in DataSense. “I was able to change the reset date on my phone but could not change the Monthly data limit from the default 500. I can change MB to GB . I am using a 640 on build 14322.” As you can guess, Microsoft Engineers didn’t have a proper solution for this one, either.

That’s all for our list of user reported problems in Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview build 14322. In case you noticed any more issues that we haven’t listed here, please let us know in the comments below.

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I am running 1432w build on my Lumia 730DS since 2 days.
And i did noticed strange issue with Quick Action setting. While addijg new fules in quick action panel, strangely it automatically removes the previously enabled tile & at the end i was able 2 add only one.
I did tried it after factory reset 4 times & noticed the same thing.

Hi, everybody i also installed on my lumia 640xl. But as you all know In start screen sample images are not selected, call not on loud speaker itself as ms engineers said, glance screen peak is gone, r u people updating or downgrading. our mobiles are just scrap doing this update. battery is not better than 10586. 164 build . this build i most liked. please release this bugs update so we use are phones smoothly. thanks.

I like this build on my 640… lots of cool new features.

Only real glitches:

After clean install organizing quick lunch messes up (deletes icons)

Also every install has a ghost icon that you can get rid of by installing another app , pausing it, then resuming and click X if you get an error on stuck app.

Other than that and a few store apps like Domino’s or works well. Very polished. Catching up to Desktop.

I downloaded it on lumia 950DS . everything looked ok but after finishing the whole installation process it statted rebooting from Microsoft logo to 2nd time appearance of blue windows and again.Then I had no option but to use WDRT and restore back to 10586.0 and upgrate to xxx.218.It took me very long to come back to the position where I started 14322.
Thanks MS for selling 950/XL with a craped OS